Saturday, February 9, 2008

this weekend was full

Alright, to start things off, Friday night my friend Scottie came in from funky town. We went to see the comedy show at Esther's Follies. It surprised me just a little bit. The show was actually pretty good. I laughed damn near the entire time. After the show was over Scottie went and hung out with his cousins and Jenn and I went over to Tahna and Virginia's house for one of their friends b-day party. As soon as we get there, Tahna is basically shoving jello shots down Jenn and mines throats. We drank some beers and then I got talked into doing a shot of jack. I am not the worlds biggest fan of jack, but I took the shot anyways. We drank a few more beers and then we left. Jenn was pretty tired, I think she worked a double that day so I don't blame her.

The next morning, I got up and cooked us some breakfast and relaxed for the most part of the day. Jenn and I got some beers and had a few before we shoved off to go to the beard and mustache contest. We met up with Scottie and one of his cousins at club de ville and had some beers and Jenn (she had drawn one on) and I signed up for the contest. Jenn went back to the car and got some beers and sneaked them into the bar so our tab wouldn't be so much. There were alot of good staches and beards there. I didn't feel very confident about winning. So after we finished our beers, Jenn washed her moostache off and we were about to leave and they started saying who was wining, so we stuck around for just a bit longer. The ladies went first, and Jenn's number got called to go up onto stage...she was in the top three. She would have won second place, if she wouldn't have washed off her stache.

Then it was time for the guys. I was already excited because Jenny won and the was awesome. They called the three finalist for the guys moostache and I was in the top three also!!!! I ended up getting second!!! I was totally shocked because there were so many better stache's then mine. I won basically because the judges liked my shirt. it was a treasure city thrift store shirt.

These are 2nd, 1st, and 3rd for the guys

Man that night was so fun!!!

Jenn won a t-shirt with the

and I won the screen printed poster

So now we are onto Sunday. I cleaned my bike, because I hadn't done that since I won it. She is shinning now. We then rode down to the Sheldon Brown memorial ride. We had some beers on the way and when we got to the Lamar pedestrian bridge. Alot of my MASS friends were there. Ben the bike messenger was there also. He was the one who did the fall alley cat race and the one I won the track bike from. He informed me that it was a russian track bike and not a raliegh like I thought it was. It was good that he was there because the saddle that was on the bike when I won it, was cracked and it ended up breaking in half while I was riding and that wasn't to comfortable. He gave me another saddle (it's pink!!) and put it on for me. Jenn got mad at me because I didn't let her know where I went, but I thought she saw me and Ben break off from the pack. The ride was pretty much over by that point. Jenn had called and let me know where they were at. Boswell had gotten a flat, so we fixed it real quick and then we went to the dog and duck I bought Ben a beer for the new seat. I will post a video a little bit later of the ride.

So tonight, is Lonestar kickball. This is always fun. I', sure I will let you know how it is tomorrow.

til next time


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