Monday, February 25, 2008

weekend happenings

This weekend was filled with tons of riding and getting steals on a couple of things.

First things first. I received this update about Caden. He was the one who took the spill on the full moon cruise. There is also a different view of the events that happened. So read up, and I wish him well.

So I went to frankenbike on Saturday. I scored a couple of things that I wanted/needed. First I got a new stem for my surly steamroller. It is so freaking sweet!!! The drop on it is sick and I have to get this bike back on the road. The bike is out of commission right now, because I gave my old fuji, to Jenn and took the crankset off of the surly and put it on the fuji, so she could keep up with me. She is now running 47x14 single speed.

Next up, I scored a Brooks B-17 champion saddle. It is a little worn, but nothing a little treatment won't fix. There wasn't anything wrong with the saddle I had. Everyone did always ask me "if it was uncomfortable" which it wasn't. I mean it was an old plastic BMX style seat. I've just been wanting a Brooks for awhile.

I also picked up Jenn some gloves, because she has white bar tape on the fuji, just to try and help not letting it get dirty so fast.

Now onto the riding. Jenn and I are looking to get into another house when the lease is up, or maybe even a little sooner than that. Some of our friends want to lease the extra room and we don't want to have to share a bathroom with anyone else so, we went looking. We rode all around the east side and up north around 51st. We went through all the neighbor hoods and found a few house that might work. When we got home I used the Gmap pedometer and mapped out where we went. We ended up riding about 26 miles and it was great. i think that was Jenn's longest ride and I was proud of her.


Jason said...

Damn, how long did that take y'all. That's a hell of a trek.

one Les car said...

it really didn't take that long...looking for houses thought so took longer than a normal 26 mile ride

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