Friday, February 1, 2008

so i have to say

that i guess this blog is turning into me just writing whenever i feel like it...which i guess that is the point of a blog, but instead of doing it once a day, i find myself doing it more than once.

so with that being said the reason i am writing now is because i wanted to share some of my favorite videos from youtube.

this video is just fucking awesome, i don't think lucas could have choosen a better song for it. this is why i have become a broken social scene fan...this video. period.

don't really care for the tunes so much on this one, but the fact that he is riding on a highway during rush hour is awesome...

i really would like to do a race like this, but with the drinking, i would rather the streets be completely empty, which will never happen.

lucas is awesome at racing and i admire him for it, although i will say that his balls are bigger than mine because i love to race, but i think about the repercusions of running the red lights more than he does. that is why i like this next video. it is for the movie "pedal" and it is only the trailor, just wait for the end of the video and you will understand why his balls are bigger than mine.

i am sure i will post something a little bit later also.

oh and there is going to be a keg/pot luck party at my house tomorrow and i am sure that it is going to be a blast...i just hope there is no tension for reasons of certain people being around.

til next time


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