Friday, February 22, 2008

worst of ATX craigslist ads #2

Now I know that some people just need to sell a bike for whatever reason. Again, the money that they ask for one is just baffling. What is also funny to me is when a hipster/scenester is getting rid of a bike to start a new project. Take this guy.

road bike/fixie/ss for sale - $700
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Date: 2008-02-21, 7:23PM CST

When taking this picture, he had to just wear his orange nike's to show what a true hipster he is, not to mention the graffiti wall in the background. He is obviously done with this and is maybe starting to think about going back to his BMX. I mean, he must be having trouble pulling some of the fixie tricks.

Then there is this.

70s Huffy Sweepstake 3-speed - $120
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Date: 2008-02-21, 12:48PM CST

Now don't get me wrong....everyone loves them some Huffy.....when they were 5. What we have here is someone cleaning out their garage and trying to get what they paid for it in 1985. You can go to yellow bike project, and donate 12 hours of your time, and end up building a bike like this. What does it cost you? NOTHING, just your time. Not to mention, you might actually learn how to work on the bike yourself.

I am just saying if you are going to rip someone off, you might as well do it right and stick it in their butt too.

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Jason said...

Dude c'mon, fuck EVERYTHING else, those Nikes are fucking SWEET.

gogi said...

i didnt actually take that photo. it was a group photo shoot with about 20 other people.

sorry about your broken bones though, vans suck.

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