Monday, February 4, 2008

this weekend

was pretty awesome. first was the party, and then A1's pub crawl. i had alot of fun, it would have been alot better if jenny would have been here for the party also. the dirty sound and mike and the moonpiesplayed. i danced around the house by myself, andy yelled at me and we started singing together while while i was being dastardly drunk. we went through a keg of lonestar, a case of lonestar, a 18 pack of miller light, a case of long hammer IPA's, a twelve pack of high life, and a big long cooler full of forties...and i found some kind of whiskey bottle empty in the back yard. i also did like 2 car bombs, which i think helped me get so drunk. i my friend raun, that i haven't seen in probably ten years showed up, he got wasted and passed out on the floor. it was a fun time, but i missed my jenny :(

then was the pub crawl was yesterday and that was alot of fun!! mim's wasn't able to make it 'cause she was taking care of casey. man that poor guy is still sick...i think i might get like a get well soon something for him. we rode from the jackalope, to donn's to mean eyed cat, to little woodrows, then to beso's, and then we got a couple of twelve packs and went to the lamar pedestrian bridge and sat and drank and watched the cars drive by.over all the night was a blast. good times, beer, and can you go wrong?

i think that we have established that we will be doing the cemetery cats pub crawl on the first sunday of the month. pub crawls can get quite expensive and i don't think everyone has the money for it every week. plus this gives the opportunity for everyone to request off the first sunday so we have a bigger ride. i am also going to discuss it with jenn of maybe doing a themed ride like the ridazz. i like dressing up and i think most everyone else does also.

with saying that, the next midnight ridazz ride is on the 21st of febuary and it is going to be the joe borfo ride. this is one of the original midnight ridazz in LA. it doesn't matter what the theme of the ride is, he always dresses up in a full bunny costume.

so that is the next ride. since i have started wearing a helmet, jenn and i will be making paper machet bunny helmet tops....bunny gear for our helmets. i am looking forward to this ride.

til next time


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