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Tour Blog

Hey guys, I am on a bike tour across America. You can follow me at that blog. Here is the link.



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This blog is. I will probably not post anything else in this blog. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what the hell is wrong with people

Updated with anew picture... D is going to have a gnarly scar....

Last night my friend Darin was riding home, and was hit by car. The douche bag didn't bother to stop and while Darin was unconscious, someone stole his bike. He said that he doesn't remember anything. He was hit in the area of South 5th and Annie.

Darin guesses he was out for about an hour, in this time period, his bike was jacked. Who the fuck steals a bike while someone is laying in the street unconscious and bleeding?

If you know anything about this, pleas let me know. This all went down in between 12:30 and 2:00 AM.

This is all Darin remembers right now, when I find out more info, I will be sure to pass it along.

EDIT: Darin rides a Gray trek 830 w/ blue lettering. From mid 80's..... if you see that bike anywhere, lock it up with your lock.... and I will get you another one.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

bike to work

Saw this over at Austin on Two Wheels, and wanted to repost it. I am wondering how many people will start biking to work?

This story at least didn't bash cycling....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

why doesn't our cross have this?

Oh ladies of cross, how I love thee.....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

this bike is a pipe bomb

I saw this and it made me laugh...

I remember hearing about this awhile back.... and it still makes me laugh :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

kickin it old school

Ran across this and thought I would share. It is the start of the 1973 Giro d'Italia. It was directed by Jorgen Leth, who also directed Sunday in Hell and numerous other experimental documentaries.



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2009 Gobble Wobble

Fuck yeah!!!! I am super stoked on this. If I know Davies' this is going to be amazing.

Make sure you bring your big messenger bag, or that xtracycle, you've been building.

Who wants to be on my team?

See ya there!!!!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Laws: Rogue cyclists face harshest ever fines and even jail

So, Sometimes, I think that we have it bad, we cyclist I mean. You know with the getting hit by cars, things thrown at us, constantly yelled at. I think the Australians, may have it worse. I hope this doesn't happen here, but if it does, I am sure all the folks who leave negative comments about cyclist on our local rants and raves or any of the local news stories, will be absolutely ecstatic!!

New Victorian cycling laws that came into effect on June 18th sets jail terms for rogue cyclists and fines of more than $68,000!

With the huge surge in people taking up cycling in the last five years, rogue bike riders who believe they don’t have to obey the road rules have given their fellow cyclists a bad name and made it difficult to earn the respect and courtesy of other road users.
Now under the new laws now in place cyclists face the exact same road rules for motorists should they fail to stop after an accident or are guilty of careless or dangerous riding.

New penalties for cyclists
Hit or run resulting in serious injury or death: 5 years jail or up to a $68,052 fine or both
Dangerous riding: 12 months jail, or up to a $13,160 fine or both
Careless riding: $681 for first offence, $1361 for subsequent offences
Riding through a RED light: $224 (law now opperative)
$284 or seven days' prison if property is damaged by a cyclist and the rider does not immediately stopp and offer assistance

According to some internet searching, this all came about because of one ride. The "Hell Ride". Below, is just one person's opinion, so this is not factually, but it does make sense.

It's pretty much come about because around three years ago an old guy got killed by a cyclist on the "hell ride". The hell ride is an informal saturday morning hammerfest down to the peninsula that can get a pretty big peleton of up to a couple of hundred riders. There aren't too many traffic lights to deal with, but if a light happens to change, cyclists would continue through it as part of the pack as stopping could cause a nasty pileup, or cause them to get dropped. Anyway, this old guy saw the lights change and stepped out into the middle of the pack.

I feel sorry he died, but it was a foolish thing to do, he saw that the cyclists weren't about to stop and walked anyway. Also, I think it was selfish for the cyclists to hold everyone up so that they didn't have to catch up.

So, after that happened a lot of people on bikes copped abuse, which is weird because so many pedestrians get killed by cars but people don't randomly yell at car drivers being killers (except maybe at Critical Mass or something).

And, of course, they've now taken action to increase the penalties for "rogue" cyclists. I find it hard to believe anyone will go to prison for dangerous riding, just like very few people go to jail for white collar crimes. I think it's just there in case something really full-on happens.

The bell thing is stupid. I always ride with a bell (and use it often), so it doesn't affect me but it's still a bit rough, you can still yell warnings louder than any bell. If you're mute and don't have a bell, then maybe....

Again, I hope this doesn't happen, but you never know, it just might. We all know that motorist hate us, some act out on it, some don't. They all think that we are in the way though. We as cyclist have done some grass roots things, trying to help our cycling brothers and sisters, well, it looks like the other side of the fence, is doing the same thing.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Asheville fireman gets 4 months for shooting cyclist

Yep, you read that right. In case you didn't ever hear, a Asheville, NC fireman, shot a cyclist in the head for riding with his son and wife on a "busy" road.

Well, apparently, in North Carolina, it is ok for public servant to shoot someone in the head, and say "only fired a warning shot and didn't intend to hurt Alan Ray Simons".

Charles Diez, shot someone in the head, for having an opinion, and only gets 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!. You have to be fucking kidding me!

Simons, had this to say

“We were out for an enjoyable ride, minding our own business,” Simons said. “At any point, he could have left.

“When I got to his door, the gun was pointing at my chest. I turned to walk away, (and) the gun went off. He chose to pull the trigger.”

I call bullshit. This is bullshit. According to this article, if you provide for your family, have 30+ supporters in the court room, have had good job security and someone to say, “He's a hard-working, decent man who used terrible judgment,” Stewart said. “He accepts responsibility for his actions. I think he is sincerely remorseful”, then you can basically, get away with attempted murder.

What kills me about this whole thing, besides this douche not getting more of a harsher sentence, is the fact that witnesses, called the cops, and the cops found this dick, at his house. So, this guy, shoots someone in the head, and then just drives home, and only get four months of jail time? Not only that, but the original charge was dropped for a lesser charge.

This judge can go and choke on a jar of dicks, as far as I'm concerned.



Looks like cyclebum is ready to get muddy tonight!!

Meet at the ped bridge at 6:30. James, will lead you to the race spot and the race, will start at 7:30. Don't forget to bring 5 bones to race.

It has been raining all day, so it probably will make for an awesome race!!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What the hell are we coming to..... This accident happened last weekend. Jason at ATXBS reported about this a few days ago, but looks like KVUE is now reporting on it as well.

If you have any information, let me Jason, or the APD know.

From KVUE's website

A motorist hit a pedicab driver and two passengers, then drove away, Austin police said.
It happened at the corner of 5th and San Antonio early Sunday morning.
"We were riding, and all of the sudden I was picking myself up off the ground my head was completely soaked in blood," said Eric Soelzer, passenger.
Soelzer and roommate Ryan Gadd got into a pedicab on West 6th Street around 1 a.m. They rode for a couple minutes before an SUV struck them from behind.
The driver never stopped. Witnesses estimate the SUV was traveling around 40 miles an hour.
"At that moment, I didn't know if he was OK. It was pretty scary. I could hear him making a groaning noise. I could see him laying down," said Soelzer.
Both were taken to the hospital. Gadd was knocked unconscious. He has no recollection of the accident.
"Basically, I just woke up in a neck brace and they were putting stitches and the staple in," Gadd said.
The pedicab driver -- Mateo Camacho -- suffered the worst injuries.
He slammed face first into the street and had to get 18 stitches across his face. He told KVUE News over the phone that he will be scared for life.
Gadd and Soelzer are still sore and depend on pain killers just to get through the day.
"The pain is manageable, but when you're moving around and bending and stuff like that -- it can spike up to where it really hurts," Gadd said.
What also hurts the men is knowing that someone could do this and keep going.
"Look, this person is still out driving right now -- no consequence (and) obviously no regard for what happened," Soelzer said. "We could've been seriously hurt or killed. We're lucky this is all that happened to us."
Police have released a description of the hit and run vehicle. It is a white SUV, possibly a Ford Bronco, with a grill guard on the front and big tires.
The pedicab belongs to Roadkill Pedicab. The owner of the company says each pedicab is outfitted with bright LED lights, so he thinks it's impossible for a driver not to see them.

Tweed Ride

So the winter months are soon approaching us, bringing the cooler weather. What better way to combat the colder weather then a tweed ride.

Here are some pictures from some tweed rides in other cities.

Would you like to have a Tweed Ride for Austin?

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Standing Start

This is a little short I found online..... thought you'd enjoy

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