Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what the hell is wrong with people

Updated with anew picture... D is going to have a gnarly scar....

Last night my friend Darin was riding home, and was hit by car. The douche bag didn't bother to stop and while Darin was unconscious, someone stole his bike. He said that he doesn't remember anything. He was hit in the area of South 5th and Annie.

Darin guesses he was out for about an hour, in this time period, his bike was jacked. Who the fuck steals a bike while someone is laying in the street unconscious and bleeding?

If you know anything about this, pleas let me know. This all went down in between 12:30 and 2:00 AM.

This is all Darin remembers right now, when I find out more info, I will be sure to pass it along.

EDIT: Darin rides a Gray trek 830 w/ blue lettering. From mid 80's..... if you see that bike anywhere, lock it up with your lock.... and I will get you another one.

til next time



Anonymous said...

fuck, hope everything works out

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

I was out last nite in that neighborhood around midnite. Wish this wouldn't have happened. Tht seriously could have been me :(

two vegan boys said...

That reallly sucks and I hope the douche who hit him gets hit by a car. My husband was hit by a car years ago intentionally when he was a bike messenger. It broke his hand and trashed his bike and all the guy got was a ticket for no insurance. WTF! Seriously! I have a couple of friends who live in that 'hood. I will tell them to look out for the bike. I hope karma gets the driver. Ugh. The drivers of Austin claim to be cycling friendly but they aren't. They just talk a lot of shit. We have been riding with our two little boys in a bike trailer and cars see that there are two young children in it and still won't stop or slow down. I think I am going to start carrying water balloons full of liquid dog shit to throw at the drivers.

Eric Abbott said...

...only a few things lower than a thief. Sorry to hear your news. I hope justice...gets served.


Anonymous said...

does he remember getting hit by a car? could it have been that he was jumped for his bike?

Anonymous said...

This study reveals a dramatic decrease in mountain-bike related injuries. I think after these pics I will start wearing a helmet.

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