Thursday, January 31, 2008

so i had some what of a productive day

so i didn't really have to go into work today, so i sat around and cleaned my room and made some stuff. i made a new cafepress account and have some stuff for sell in it. but you might already know that because i mentioned it in my blog just a little bit ago. but i did also make some wallets out of old bike tubes.

anyways, that is about it for now.

til next time


cemetery cats merch

so i was bored today and i hope nathan doesn't kill me, but i have a store that you can go and get some cemterey cats merch click here. thanks for looking and i will be adding some more stuff to the store later on.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hands on....

well i ran into this guy blake at the last critical mass and he was like, dude you were the one who won the hands on a track bike right? and i was like yeah i sure am. he said that he has audio of the event, and he just sent it to me. without being there you really can't tell what is going on, except for the first clip where the rules are being explained. what you do hear is me at one point saying "you see this belly? this is beer....i'd be a skinny motherfucker if i didn't drink beer" well i don't know if that is true or not, but i would be a bit lighter with all the bike riding i do. so anyways, i don't know if this is going to work, but i will make a video of bike pictures from pub crawls and what not and put the audio from the contest and try and up load it. while that is finishing i will continue. chances are you already know how i won the bike and about the race prior so i am not going to even type it out.

so anyways, it has been fucking windy as shit lately. my ride to and from work really isn't that bad, i mean i have hills to go up and down, but when i am going down hill and it is a is WINDY!!!! not to mention going up the hill is so much harder. but oh well. this is part of riding a bike. on another note, i almost got hit by a school buss today turning right on red when you are not supposed to do that during the hours of 7am to 7pm. oh well, the city pays them with my tax dollars and they almost hit me....lucky me. but i also pay more attention then most people do in their cars. i mean they are not looking for me, so i look for them to be a stupid driver.

on to other things. jenn had her phone interview today with another company in chicago. she didn't seem to excited about it and said that she hates phone interviews (which are pretty gay but whatever). i realize that when you don't have the person in front of you to look at and tell what their body language is that their voice is very monodon (sp) and you can't tell if they are just going through a list of questions just like they are a computer. that is pretty shitty of a feeling. so i don't want to bug her to much about it. i hope everything works out. if it is meant to be then it is meant to be...if she gets the job it is because it was already hers. i am excited about it though. i just don't want to be over bearing and push to hard....just hard enough.

i think that is about it for right now, but if something else comes up then i'll be back.

til next time


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the next day

onto what is going on today. this will destroy you is having an in-store performance at waterloo. i am pretty stoked about it. every in-store they give everyone free beer so yeah. free beer here i come.

i also rode downtown with jenn today, because i am off and it is real windy, so i didn't want her to ride by herself. after that i went to target and picked up a couple of things and then rode to HEB and picked up some photos and then came home. it wasn't a very long ride, but considering that i haven't ridden in forever it was good. i am going to leave soon to go to the show, so that will add onto my riding for the day.

i also got a bike helmet yesterday so now i am OFFICALLY a bike looks pretty dorky, but hey it may save my life one day.

also sam adams black lager is awesome, so if you haven't tried should.

til next time


Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend party

ok so first off, i would like to thank everyone that came down and over to my house for my surprise party. it was fucking awesome. one of the highlights of the evening was getting to tag paulie because he had his shoes on and he passed out at like ten o'clock.

he was a little pissed about this, but it is his fault....just don't pass out with your shoes on...pretty simple.

also mims and casey bout me a lone star jersey for my birthday, totally FUCKING awesome and unexpected. thank you so much guys, i'll love you forever for this.

also my izzle bizzle cam by and was doing some nipple tweaking as always

i truly did have a great time on saturday. thank you everyone.

with that i jenn has another phone interview with a different company in chicago. i really hope that she can get a job up there. i will move on the drop of a dime as long as money permits it.

if everything goes ok, i really hope there is no animosity in the house. i really don't feel like dealing with that. i guess i am cool with gibson living in chase's room, but not in the room next to me, cause i don't want to have to share the bathroom with another guy ever again.

til next time


Friday, January 25, 2008

frankenbike stereo

so about critical mass, jason, built a new frankenbike radio for his bike. it looks totally awesome.

man that thing is going to produce some mother fucking sound. going to be exciting. i wonder what kind of tunes he is going to rock.probably something to do with viking shit....although i could go for some metalocalypse.

i think i am done for now, probably wright something later also


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Critical Mass

critical mass is tomorrow. this is going to be one to not miss.

.viking mass.

i don't really have anything viking so i am
not going to dress up. plus it is going to be cold and wet and possible ice....

i want to ride tarantula pants.

but i think with my hand still kind of fucked up, i will still just ride my surly.

afterwards there is going to be a party, i think that there will be a couple of kegs, some bands and just an overall good time.i am totally stoked.

on a different note, tim moves out tomorrow, i can't wait. the past couple of months have been really shitty. i don't think i have ever wanted to move out of a house with roommates so bad. on top of that gibson is wanting to move into tim's room and i am not cool with that. he has been fucking chase which is fine with me (if she wants to be with a man whore) and staying at our house. i have my reasons for not wanting him to move in....even though he already lives here. i would just rather he stay downstairs and not in the room right next to me.

i know that when i tell him and chase i am not cool with him moving in, that this is going to cause problems. but these are problems that i have to deal with. i think i would rather them two just move out and me and jenn finish the lease here and then move to Chicago or something.

which that brings up something else. she has been applying for jobs all over the place. austin is getting stale to me so i am ready for a move. i would like to live in Chicago. it is cold and their bike scene is good. if we do move up there i would probably be riding around 50 miles a day. because school would be about twenty miles north and the job and apt would most likely be downtown. i know that jenn's would be.

til next time


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