Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend party

ok so first off, i would like to thank everyone that came down and over to my house for my surprise party. it was fucking awesome. one of the highlights of the evening was getting to tag paulie because he had his shoes on and he passed out at like ten o'clock.

he was a little pissed about this, but it is his fault....just don't pass out with your shoes on...pretty simple.

also mims and casey bout me a lone star jersey for my birthday, totally FUCKING awesome and unexpected. thank you so much guys, i'll love you forever for this.

also my izzle bizzle cam by and was doing some nipple tweaking as always

i truly did have a great time on saturday. thank you everyone.

with that i jenn has another phone interview with a different company in chicago. i really hope that she can get a job up there. i will move on the drop of a dime as long as money permits it.

if everything goes ok, i really hope there is no animosity in the house. i really don't feel like dealing with that. i guess i am cool with gibson living in chase's room, but not in the room next to me, cause i don't want to have to share the bathroom with another guy ever again.

til next time


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