Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the next day

onto what is going on today. this will destroy you is having an in-store performance at waterloo. i am pretty stoked about it. every in-store they give everyone free beer so yeah. free beer here i come.

i also rode downtown with jenn today, because i am off and it is real windy, so i didn't want her to ride by herself. after that i went to target and picked up a couple of things and then rode to HEB and picked up some photos and then came home. it wasn't a very long ride, but considering that i haven't ridden in forever it was good. i am going to leave soon to go to the show, so that will add onto my riding for the day.

i also got a bike helmet yesterday so now i am OFFICALLY a bike dork...it looks pretty dorky, but hey it may save my life one day.

also sam adams black lager is awesome, so if you haven't tried it...you should.

til next time


1 comment:

- j e n n - said...

i'm going to be a bike dork soon, too!!

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