Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hands on....

well i ran into this guy blake at the last critical mass and he was like, dude you were the one who won the hands on a track bike right? and i was like yeah i sure am. he said that he has audio of the event, and he just sent it to me. without being there you really can't tell what is going on, except for the first clip where the rules are being explained. what you do hear is me at one point saying "you see this belly? this is beer....i'd be a skinny motherfucker if i didn't drink beer" well i don't know if that is true or not, but i would be a bit lighter with all the bike riding i do. so anyways, i don't know if this is going to work, but i will make a video of bike pictures from pub crawls and what not and put the audio from the contest and try and up load it. while that is finishing i will continue. chances are you already know how i won the bike and about the race prior so i am not going to even type it out.

so anyways, it has been fucking windy as shit lately. my ride to and from work really isn't that bad, i mean i have hills to go up and down, but when i am going down hill and it is a is WINDY!!!! not to mention going up the hill is so much harder. but oh well. this is part of riding a bike. on another note, i almost got hit by a school buss today turning right on red when you are not supposed to do that during the hours of 7am to 7pm. oh well, the city pays them with my tax dollars and they almost hit me....lucky me. but i also pay more attention then most people do in their cars. i mean they are not looking for me, so i look for them to be a stupid driver.

on to other things. jenn had her phone interview today with another company in chicago. she didn't seem to excited about it and said that she hates phone interviews (which are pretty gay but whatever). i realize that when you don't have the person in front of you to look at and tell what their body language is that their voice is very monodon (sp) and you can't tell if they are just going through a list of questions just like they are a computer. that is pretty shitty of a feeling. so i don't want to bug her to much about it. i hope everything works out. if it is meant to be then it is meant to be...if she gets the job it is because it was already hers. i am excited about it though. i just don't want to be over bearing and push to hard....just hard enough.

i think that is about it for right now, but if something else comes up then i'll be back.

til next time


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