Friday, February 27, 2009

hey you, with that camera

Get that shit rolling, you have until March 7th to get your bike film submitted for the bicycle film festival.

It would be awesome to see some Austin film makers in it this get shooting.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fucking Famous YO!!!!!

So we got the link from Mike, about the beard and mustache competition. At about a minute in, you'll see a picture of me and Jenn from last years competition. Thanks, Mike, that made my day!!!!

We're FAMOUS!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fatty did good

So yesterday was the Love stinks race. It was windy as FUCK!!! I think at some points the wind was blowing 30+ miles and hour. The race was long, 40 miles, but that is not what made it so freaking brutal..... The wind, was everyone's enemy yesterday.

So there were I believe 62 racers, 40 miles of racing and some of the worst winds to ride in. I at one point stopped in front of whole foods and ate a cliff bar and drank the rest of my water. I started up again and was about halfway up the hill on Lamar, heading to 37th street, and I wanted to quit the race, but I pressed on. I knew that it would be all down hill from there. I ended placing 13th overall. I think that is pretty good all things considered. I know that I didn't have to run on some of the checkpoints, but that is because I physically cannot run. I know I know, I can ride a bike, but I can't run. Believe me, I tried to run the other day and my knee almost gave out on me.

After the race was beer and food, I was so hungry and no hot dogs were ready I just ate a bun with mustard. I didn't stick around for the side events, because I had to get up at 6 this morning, and was fucking exhausted. I went to bed at 8 and woke up at six, I felt like I could have slept until noon today....fuck working so early.

Today is also the grand re-opening for ESPP. I will be going to that as soon as I get off of work. You should too.

What: Eastside Pedal Pushers grand re-opening fiesta - sombrero optional

When: Sunday Feb 22, 5PM - ?

Where: eastside pedal pushers' NEW location - 1414 east 5th st @ onion

What to expect: beer, bbq, live music: woodgrain, black cock, megazilla and a whole lot of cool bike shit!

see ya there later today

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love Stinks

So today the love stinks race today.

I will be racing today for the first time since September of last year. I know that I won't place, but it will be nice to be back on the bike and competing once again. My leg is still not 100% so I will be taking it easy and guess what....PAYING EVEN MORE ATTENTION TO CARS!!!! Chris Lee is a cool cat, and I'm expecting this to be a great race. I just hope he doesn't kill us with a ton of hills.

It starts at the Lamar pedestrian bridge. Entry fee is 2 cans of grub and 5 bucks. Both are going to good causes. Come out if you have nothing else to do on such a beautiful day. It is a little windy, so bring a light jacket or something.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man convicted of reckless driving in crash that killed cyclist

Came across this on the blotter.

A Hays County jury found an Austin man guilty of reckless driving Friday for his involvement in a crash that killed a bicyclist in 2007, said Fred Weber, first assistant district attorney for Hays County.

Bradley Danz will probably face two years of probation when he is sentenced next month on the misdemeanor charge, Weber said.

Danz hit Adam Raymond, 36, of Austin, head-on while rounding a curve on Mount Gainor Road just south of Dripping Springs on March 23, 2007, killing him, a Department of Public Safety report said. Danz’s Dodge Ram 3500 pickup swerved into the middle of the road as he rounded the curve about 6:30 a.m., the report said.

A Hays County grand jury declined to indict Danz in June of 2007 on felony charges of criminally negligent homicide.

The district attorney’s office then filed the misdemeanor charge of reckless driving against Danz on June 21, 2007, Weber said. Danz turned himself in several days later and posted bond of $2,000, Weber said.

“We felt like he was responsible for the death of the victim and felt like the charges were appropriate,” Weber said. “I think justice was served and hopefully people will be more cautious in the future.”

Okay, so I am glad that there is some kind of repercussion for killing someone, but two years of PROBATION?? WTF??? I mean WTF?? I', sure the driver said something along the lines of "I didn't see him" or "He came out of no where". To me this is bullshit. In my opinion, the guy needs to at least serve some jail time. I don't care if he did it on purpose or not, taking a life is fucked and the fact that he is getting off with probation is shitty to me.

This really gets to me too.... “We felt like he was responsible for the death of the victim and felt like the charges were appropriate,” Weber said. “I think justice was served and hopefully people will be more cautious in the future.” Really? So do you really think this is going to make people pay more attention? I doubt it.

Tell me what you think.....

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight 9pm Donn's there.... I will be, come in your ugliest DRESS!!!!!!

This is going to be awesome!!! I can't wait to see everyone in their ugly dresses

til next time OLC

Monday, February 16, 2009

withe the great words of Red (that 70's show)


FORT WORTH — A 23-year-old bicyclist rode right into trouble this week after making an apparent smart-aleck remark.
According to a report, a police officer had detained five people on a curb after a traffic stop in the 3900 block of White Settlement Road when the cyclist rode by them about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday.

"Did y’all read them their rights first?" the cyclist said loudly as he pedaled past.

The remark drew the attention of the officer, who called for the cyclist to stop. "You don’t have a headlight on that bike," the officer said, according to the report.

Riding a bicycle without a headlight at night violates the Texas Transportation Code, the report states.

Things continued downhill when the cyclist ignored the officer and kept pedaling, prompting another officer to turn on his patrol car’s lights and chase the cyclist, the report states. Soon, another officer joined the pursuit.

The cyclist looked back at the pursuing officer, pedaled faster, hopped a curb, and rode through several driveways and yards. He stopped in the 3900 block of Monticello Drive, took off his backpack, threw his bike down and asked officers, "Why are y’all stopping me?"

The man was arrested on suspicion of evading arrest/detention.

But his troubles weren’t over.

According to the report, officers spotted the handle of a Glock pistol protruding from a mesh pocket on the man’s backpack. According to the report, the man has a concealed-handgun license. But because the gun was not concealed, he was also arrested on suspicion of unlawfully carrying a weapon by a license holder.

He was charged with both misdemeanors Thursday, court records show.

If you're going to carry a gun, don't taunt the cops.....

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

holy fuck twats batman

So this makes me angry on so many levels.

"i did not see the beginning of this, but the report goes as follows:
motorist throws food out of window. courier, disliking littering, picks up food and throws food back in car. motorist dumps coffee on courier. courier scratches car with key. road rage ensues.

the courier is female. i 'got away' with taking pics by just doing it openly. nobody noticed me because the focus is obviously on the altercation at hand.

i followed the motorist back to his car to photograph his license plate number. he proceeded to open his trunk, take out a baseball bat, and charge me. i walked away, and was one of only two witnesses to stay at the scene and give a statement to police."

This is a little bit of an old story, but it makes me madder the hell. If this happened to me, you know there would have been some kind of u-lock justice. I mean fuck is a chick for christ sakes, that you are trying to beat the shit out of, because you fucking hit her with some fucking trash....fuck off dude!!

MS 150 and Tour de Cure

Ok guys, so as you may know I like to try and do charity rides when I can. I am supposed to be doing the MS150. I may not be able to ride in it, because of the last accident. Not sure if everyone knows, but the registration is $100 and you have to raise a minimum of 400 dollars. If I don't raise this, then I have to pay out of pocket. I also cannot transfer my registration to someone else. So I might kind of be screwed on this, but at least it is going to a good cause.

I am also going to be riding in the Tour de Cure. This ride I will be sure riding in. Last year I was in my first accident and Jenn rode for me. I was able to transfer the registration then. This year I am going to ride from San Antonio to Austin, last year it was just from San Marcos.

So with that being said, I am calling on you, yes you faithful blog readers to help me out with these two rides. I need to raise close to a thousand dollars for both rides. I know that you can donate at least a buck, you could also not buy that six pack of lonestar tonight or that pack of smokes. These are the links to my pages, Tour de Cure and MS 150. Jenn is also going to be doing the MS 150, this is her page if you want to help and donate to hers as well.

Thanks in advanced, I really do appreciate it. It is also going to a good cause, so you can say you've done your good deed for the day!

thanks again,

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It's on!!!

So I have decided that the Drop Dead 2 race will be on March 28th 2009. It will make you want to die by the time you are one with it. This race will be a little different the the races I have done in the past. You will find out all the details the day of the race, but be ready to ride!!!!

As always I want everyone to race hard, but be safe doing it. You don't want to be like me and get hit by SUV's and full size vans, and have to be in the hospital and not be able to ride your bike.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fuck this is funny

again not bike related, but I thought it might brighten up someone's day.

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Under Ground Underwear Race

Sunday the 8th

not going to be able to make this race, because I don't get off in time. I will try to make it by the end of it though.

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fast friday

I know that this is everywhere, but it never hurts to put it up

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Wednesday Feburary 4th 2009

Not completely bike related, but Ben Kweller is playing an in store at Waterloo today. I'm not the biggest fan of Ben Kweller, but Jenn likes him. I think he sounds like Weezer personally. I just happened to get the day off because I have to go into iphone training tomorrow, so they gave me the today off so I didn't get any overtime. So we are going to go to waterloo, and a have a couple of free beers and watch Mr. Kweller.

Also today is "Gears for Beers" at Club Deville.

"Gears for Beers" is every Wednesday from 5-9pm: Ride your bike for 3$ imperial pints & $3 wells.

So there you have it. free beer today at the instore, and biker discounts at club deville. Get out there and have yourself some fun.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pretty intense


Sunday, February 1, 2009

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