Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fatty did good

So yesterday was the Love stinks race. It was windy as FUCK!!! I think at some points the wind was blowing 30+ miles and hour. The race was long, 40 miles, but that is not what made it so freaking brutal..... The wind, was everyone's enemy yesterday.

So there were I believe 62 racers, 40 miles of racing and some of the worst winds to ride in. I at one point stopped in front of whole foods and ate a cliff bar and drank the rest of my water. I started up again and was about halfway up the hill on Lamar, heading to 37th street, and I wanted to quit the race, but I pressed on. I knew that it would be all down hill from there. I ended placing 13th overall. I think that is pretty good all things considered. I know that I didn't have to run on some of the checkpoints, but that is because I physically cannot run. I know I know, I can ride a bike, but I can't run. Believe me, I tried to run the other day and my knee almost gave out on me.

After the race was beer and food, I was so hungry and no hot dogs were ready I just ate a bun with mustard. I didn't stick around for the side events, because I had to get up at 6 this morning, and was fucking exhausted. I went to bed at 8 and woke up at six, I felt like I could have slept until noon today....fuck working so early.

Today is also the grand re-opening for ESPP. I will be going to that as soon as I get off of work. You should too.

What: Eastside Pedal Pushers grand re-opening fiesta - sombrero optional

When: Sunday Feb 22, 5PM - ?

Where: eastside pedal pushers' NEW location - 1414 east 5th st @ onion

What to expect: beer, bbq, live music: woodgrain, black cock, megazilla and a whole lot of cool bike shit!

see ya there later today

til next time



j e n n said...

congratulations on completing the race!!!!!!!

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

dude i totally suckkkked at it. but considering it was my first official alleycat, i can't complain. hopefully i'll be back for a return on march 22nd. hope to actually see a girl finish one of these things:)

mikelikestobike said...

hey les, you happen to catch this?

look at about one minute in. that picture jenn uses in the comment there is on tv for a bit...

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