Sunday, February 8, 2009

MS 150 and Tour de Cure

Ok guys, so as you may know I like to try and do charity rides when I can. I am supposed to be doing the MS150. I may not be able to ride in it, because of the last accident. Not sure if everyone knows, but the registration is $100 and you have to raise a minimum of 400 dollars. If I don't raise this, then I have to pay out of pocket. I also cannot transfer my registration to someone else. So I might kind of be screwed on this, but at least it is going to a good cause.

I am also going to be riding in the Tour de Cure. This ride I will be sure riding in. Last year I was in my first accident and Jenn rode for me. I was able to transfer the registration then. This year I am going to ride from San Antonio to Austin, last year it was just from San Marcos.

So with that being said, I am calling on you, yes you faithful blog readers to help me out with these two rides. I need to raise close to a thousand dollars for both rides. I know that you can donate at least a buck, you could also not buy that six pack of lonestar tonight or that pack of smokes. These are the links to my pages, Tour de Cure and MS 150. Jenn is also going to be doing the MS 150, this is her page if you want to help and donate to hers as well.

Thanks in advanced, I really do appreciate it. It is also going to a good cause, so you can say you've done your good deed for the day!

thanks again,

til next time


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