Sunday, April 27, 2008

Worst ofATX Craigslist # 5 Special Weekend Edition

So I am starting off by saying this. It seems that one of my readers thinks that I am the craigslist Nazi. That I flag all of the postings that I am making fun of. Now this is simply not true. I have no reason to flag any of the postings, because I want my readers to actually see the post and not just take my word for it. I just want to say to whoever is posting comments anonymously, you don't have to read the blog if you don't like it. No one is holding a gun to your head telling you, you must read my ramblings.

Now onto better things. So I found this bike when I was looking at the FFW (fixed Fort Worth). When I clicked on the WTF link I was just that What The Fuck is this person thinking.

First up, hold your breath for this one

2007 Bianchi Pista Fixed Gear Road Training Bike - $1200 (Arlington, Texas)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-26, 9:38AM CDT

2007 Bianchi Pista Fixed Gear Road Training Bike
Bike was purchased by me in November 2007. All components were purchased new by me. Frame is 57cm and Gang Green in color. Bike was purchased and built up as a training bike and was also used for short errands around town. The Sugino Superlap bottom bracket was installed by a local bike shop professional. Below is the list of components as well as prices that they were purchased at. It is worth noting that the seatpost, wheelset and headset are the stock Bianchi Pista parts on the bike, the rest are as follows...
$500 - Stock Bianchi Pista
$180 - Sugino 75 Cranks (167.5 mm)
$90 - Sugino 75 48 tooth chainring
$90 - Sugino Superlap bottom bracket
$65 - EAI SuperStar 16 tooth Cog
$100 - Veloflex pave tires
$115 - Nitto CT-80 Stem 110 mm (1-1/8 with shim)
$25 - Nitto B 115 42 cm Road Drop bars
$20 - Izumi ECO Track Chain
$70 - Brooks Honey Leather Bar Tape with cork plugs
$70 - Selle Italia Flite Tri Color Saddle with titanium rails
$60 - Shimano Front Brake Setup
$45 - MKS Sylvan Track Pedals/straps/cages
$30 - bici concept top tube pad for lock ups around town
It is also worth noting that the bike is in near perfect condition with two knicks no scratches and no dents. The selle italia flite saddle was purchased as New Old Stock and shows some fading as well as light wear. The Brooks Honey leather handlebar wrap shows light wear as well (will include can of Brooks profride for the handlebar tape).
I am willing to me halfway anywhere in the DFW metroplex for a testride and or purchase.
For larger, clearer pictures please send me an email.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It doesn't matter what kind of upgrades you have done to this bike, it is still ugly, and I would NEVER pay more than 200 dollars for a pista.Just my opinion, because I don't care for that bike. The one upgrade that I do like is the brooks, but that doesn't come anywhere close to justifying this moron selling this bike for 1200 dollars.


1978 Ladies Schwinn LeTour III 10 Speed Road Bike - $225 (183/360/Arboreteum)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-27, 11:21AM CDT

Up for sale is a 1978 Schwinn LeTour III Ladies 10 Speed Road Bike. Serial # 0498 (Built February 18th, 1978) Beautiful Blue, Chrome Fork, Brand new tires/tubes. New Riser Bar w/custom grips and new brake calipers. Brakes stop "on a dime." Brand New Retro Schwinn Comfort Saddle, Quick release front and back wheels. The frame is a Schwinn-built x-tra lite torch blazed, lug frame, 18 gauge 1020 carbon steel madein Japan for Schwinn,in almost showroom shape with minor scratches only. Curved Road handle bars and custom dia comp brake calipers also come with the bike (original) and can be converted back to original condition easily. Has a custom aluminum back rack with spring.

Alright, so this old cruiser looks nice, it has

"New Riser Bar w/custom grips and new brake calipers."


What is so custom about the grips is what I wanna know....did you make them yourself out of tires tubes or something?

Comfort saddle, can't beat that.

Has a custom aluminum back rack with spring.

I just wanna know what is custom about it. I mean you can pick these up at any LBS.

1979 PEUGEOT PX-10 (includes fixed gear wheel) - $350 (45th and Burnet)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-26, 7:01PM CDT

This guy is obviously jacking the price on this bike, because he knows that he can probably get it do to some scenester kid wanting to get his first fix. I mean a free fixed gear wheel? Awesome!!!

I just love this next guy, I think it might even be my friend.

CHEAP 27" FRONT WHEEL - $7 (Pflugerville)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-26, 8:21PM CDT

Its steel, its straight, its smooth, its perfect for your funky old project.

If you want this wheel you must bring me either $7.54 in exact change or a 6 pack of Shiner Black.

Aaron @ 512 924 xxxx

Shit if he wasn't all the way in Pflugerville, I would buy this wheel just because he wants exact change or a six pack of beer. Hell yeah!!! best CL posting I have seen in awhile

til next time


Thursday, April 24, 2008


So between now and the Tour de Cure I will be training at the Veloway. The ride out there is far, but it is nice to ride and not worry about any cars. Today was the second time that I have been there. I rode 9 laps which is 28.53 miles. I would have rode 10, but I got a flat and didn't feel like fixing it.The days that I will be going down there are Tuesday's and Thursday's. If you wanna join, let me know.

Jenn went out there with me today, and she rode seven laps, then she saw me sitting because I was finished and she was done.

I also talked to a guy that is doing the Tour also and this is going to be his 8th year to do it. I told him that I was going to do it on my fixed and he asked what ratio I was running, I told him that I was riding 48x14 but, for the ride I was going to change it to 42x14. He said that there are rolling hills on the route, but nothing to extreme, and that I should be able to handle it.

So I am pretty excited about it and am ready for the ride already. One thing that I can tell you is that, I won't wear fucking cycling shorts, but I will get the kind that go under regular shorts. My ass hurt today after almost a thirty mile ride. So yeah yeah, you can make fun of me if you want, but you ride around for a few hours and thirty or sixty miles and see how your ass feels.

til next time


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fort Worth and Austin's Veloway

So over the weekend, I took a train from Austin to Fort Worth. I was able to bring my bike on the train with me and put it in the luggage car. Once I got to FW, I went over to Fred's and split one of the best burgers in TX with my friend Zac and then headed over to Panther City Bicycles. While I was there I ended up picking up a jethro tool. I had to get it, one because I like them, and two, because I left my wrench in Austin. Which I could have used on the way to Fred's because my chain came off while I was riding...luckily I was going up hill and not down, because "Black Betty" doesn't have any brakes.

While I was at Panther City I was talking to Bernie...I think, and he was like how do you ride that thing(because the drop on my stem is sick), and I told him that it is actually alot more comfortable than you think. So I let him ride it around and he came back and was like "yeah that is pretty comfortable and doesn't hurt the choad like I thought it would"

After I left there I rode over to my friends Sam's house and hung out, had a couple of beers and ate some pizza and then passed out. Next day, woke up played some disc golf and then went to see Josh's band "ThRoUgH AlTeReD EyEs" band practice and then went to his house and crashed out. Josh asked me to make him a video for their song "tapnass", so you might see that some time in the near future.

Today I went to the Veloway and did some training for the upcoming Tour de Cure ride. I wanted to do fifteen laps, but I forgot water and was only able to get in five before I felt like I was going to keel over and die from the heat and no water. The Veloway, is actually kind of nice to ride on, you don't have to deal with cars, you have some hills and it is pretty wide so if you are a faster rider than you can pass the slower folks. My next training ride will be this Thursday and I am going to put in ten laps before I head back to the house. I will make sure to bring my water next time. I will continue the training rides until the Tour de Cure. My schedule rides will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. If you wanna join then send me an email, and we can work out a time.

This is a little bit of video I shot during the ride today.

til next time


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Worst of ATX craigslist #4 Cruiser addition

Ok, so I know that it is summer and everyone wants to jump on a bike and go, and why not, I mean it is beautiful the sun is shining and you have nothing better to do. Now some people may not have a bike already so they either go to their LBS or to craigslist. Over at craiglist, you can maybe find some deals, but most of the time it is stupid people like the ones that follow that try and rip you off.

First up we have,

Custom Painted Electra Cruiser - $400 (Barton Hills)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-17, 12:20PM CDT

Nexus 3-speed Electra Cruiser, custom paint, Stream Ride edition.
In great condition.

Call Stephanie at 512-924-xxxx or email.

Well, well Stephanie. You have a bike with a "custom paint job", but the thing is any of those electra bikes are gonna have a "custom paint job" that is they way they roll off the factory floor. Just in case if anyone wants to purchase this bike, you can get one from your LBS for cheaper than what Stephanie is selling it on craigslist for.

Next up,

Very cool, new Hod Rod Trike for 2 to 4 years old - $162 (North Austin)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-17, 10:58AM CDT

Okay....we get it. You want your son to grow up and be like daddy and want to race and drive hot rods. This hideous eyesore weighs 26 pounds...that is more than my bike, and it is 56cm. It is also made for a 2-4 year old kid. Now I am sure that if I was a kid I would wanna be like my hot rod dad too, but come on....this thing is almost as bad as this.

Now lets not forget this guy,

Awesome Raleigh Retroglide Cruiser - $300
Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-17, 9:40AM CDT

This bike is awesome. I bought it back in 2005 brand new, fresh out of the catalouge.

Well, first use spell check. Second, if any potential buyer would go and look at the newest catalog, they would see that they could get an '08 for cheaper than what they are selling this one for and still have some money to go and buy a nifty new lock and basket.

You gotta love craigslist.

til next time


Midnight Ridazz "Pirate Ride"

So on Tuesday it was the Midnight Ridazz pirate ride. We meet up at Donn's Depot as usual had a couple of beers and were in the prescence of J.J. McLaughlin. He writes/ blogs for He has written an article one before about the Midnight Ridazz of ATX. So as I said before he was there on the ride this past Tuesday and interviewed Jessica, Fred, and myself. Jessica organizes the Midnight Ridazz here in Austin, and Fred has ridden his bike cross country a couple of times. J.J. asked all sorts of questions, like why we ride? what do we get out of it? what we think about cycling?, and all sorts of other questions. I told him what I felt riding with the riders was, what I think of motorists, and about the Cemetery Cats.

After beers and interviews we rode out. The first stop on the ride was Beso's. They always hook it up with drinks when we ride in. They also did their best to fit in with the ride as they were wearing pirate eye patches. After Beso's we went up to showdown off of the drag and had a couple more beers and pitchers for some, ate some nachos laughed and someone almost won the 100 dollar drawing at midnight....but alas no one in our group won. Once we finished up the beers and got done listening to A1 bitch about being cold and wanting to ride....we rode. The next stop was up to Nomads which is off of 51st street. It was closed when we got there, so the group decided to head to another bar called "the grand". Fred's girlfriend works there so everyone was in agreements about that bar. Jenn and I broke off before heading to the grand, because we both had to be at work early and it was already 1 am.

The night was overall a blast, and I look forward to reading the article that J.J. wrote.

Here are some picture from the ride.

til next time


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tour de Cure

Alright, so I know that it has been awhile, but I have shit going on in my life as well as many of you. I've said it before, but sometimes it needs repeating.

Onto what I want to talk about.

On May 18th I will be riding in the Tour de Cure. Every cyclist has their own reason for riding that drives them to the finish line, and next month this ride will be mine. I really wanted to ride in the MS 150, but I wasn't able to scrape enough funds together in time before registration ended. I did get some money together for the Tour de Cure. I have my own page that you can click on to donate money for the cause.

I don't personally know anyone who has Diabetes, but this is for a good cause. I figure I ride my bike enough and I enjoy so much that I can do this to help other people.

The route I have chosen to do is the 58 mile ride. It starts in San Marcos and ends in Austin. Now I know that it isn't 58 miles there, but the ride is going to be zig zagging its way up to Austin.

Now most of you know that I ride a fixed gear, and I like to ride with the really stupid gear ratio's. This ride is going to be no different. I will be riding "Black Betty" which is 48x14. I am pretty damn sure that the route that I am taking is going to be filled with hills. I figure that I can do it because 1. I want to. and 2. it is for a good cause. and 3. Because I want the challenge. 4. I will be doing something good for someone else somewhere else.

With all the being said, please help out. Anything will help 1 dollar 2 dollars doesn't matter. Remember, this ride isn't about the money but doing something good for other people.

til next time


Friday, April 4, 2008

Different ride maybe?

So I think today I am going to take the "Russian Beast" out for a ride. I haven't been on it in awhile, do to getting "Black Betty" up and going with the left side drive train. I love her, but I feel like I have been neglecting some of my other bikes. So you might see me around town for the next few days or weeks on the beast. I feel like my legs have had a break from the 52x14 gear so I should get those fuckers back in order.

This is "Black Betty" for those who don't know.

I have been riding alot lately, but not keeping up with my other blog like what I want to. I did ride from my house up to parmer lane and then back down to oltorf and then back to the house. Overall I think it was a pretty long ride. I guess you can say that I might be trying to train just a little for the next alleycat here in Austin. Whoever wins, gets a new Soma track frame. I'm pretty sure I won't win, but maybe I can get a place.

One another note, the Cemetery Cats pub crawl is this Sunday, so get your ass ready to drink.

til next time


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The results are in

So first, I would like apologize to everyone for not writing in this thing like I should. I have alot of stuff going on, and it makes it a little tough to write everyday.

Thanks, OLC

On to the blog. So as you all know the Drop Dead race was this past Saturday. There was a pretty good turn out and I was happy to see everyone there. This was the first race I had put on, so I was a little nervous about how it was going to do. I know some of the things I will change for the next race.

These are the results (to the best of my ability, they got a little mixed up after fourth):

1st Ryan
2nd Cloyd
3rd Justin
4th Matt
5th Brian
6th Caden
7th forgot the dudes name
8th Sam

1st ladies Rachael
2nd Maurine
3rd Jenn

I was told that Graham actually placed before Caden, So I owe him a couple of beers on me. JK, also didn't get his prized because it went missing, So I have to get another one for him.

I forgot to take pictures of everyone getting their prizes. I think that Liz took some pictures that I should be able to get a hold of. I will post them when I get them. I did however have Tyler film the start of the race. I made everyone drop their bikes and run and touch a wall. This is the link. Something else that is funny, is I made Cloyd go on a third manifest (which there wasn't a third one) and he just took off without any questions. That was a highlight of my day also.

Here are some of the pictures I have.

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