Thursday, April 17, 2008

Midnight Ridazz "Pirate Ride"

So on Tuesday it was the Midnight Ridazz pirate ride. We meet up at Donn's Depot as usual had a couple of beers and were in the prescence of J.J. McLaughlin. He writes/ blogs for He has written an article one before about the Midnight Ridazz of ATX. So as I said before he was there on the ride this past Tuesday and interviewed Jessica, Fred, and myself. Jessica organizes the Midnight Ridazz here in Austin, and Fred has ridden his bike cross country a couple of times. J.J. asked all sorts of questions, like why we ride? what do we get out of it? what we think about cycling?, and all sorts of other questions. I told him what I felt riding with the riders was, what I think of motorists, and about the Cemetery Cats.

After beers and interviews we rode out. The first stop on the ride was Beso's. They always hook it up with drinks when we ride in. They also did their best to fit in with the ride as they were wearing pirate eye patches. After Beso's we went up to showdown off of the drag and had a couple more beers and pitchers for some, ate some nachos laughed and someone almost won the 100 dollar drawing at midnight....but alas no one in our group won. Once we finished up the beers and got done listening to A1 bitch about being cold and wanting to ride....we rode. The next stop was up to Nomads which is off of 51st street. It was closed when we got there, so the group decided to head to another bar called "the grand". Fred's girlfriend works there so everyone was in agreements about that bar. Jenn and I broke off before heading to the grand, because we both had to be at work early and it was already 1 am.

The night was overall a blast, and I look forward to reading the article that J.J. wrote.

Here are some picture from the ride.

til next time


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