Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fort Worth and Austin's Veloway

So over the weekend, I took a train from Austin to Fort Worth. I was able to bring my bike on the train with me and put it in the luggage car. Once I got to FW, I went over to Fred's and split one of the best burgers in TX with my friend Zac and then headed over to Panther City Bicycles. While I was there I ended up picking up a jethro tool. I had to get it, one because I like them, and two, because I left my wrench in Austin. Which I could have used on the way to Fred's because my chain came off while I was riding...luckily I was going up hill and not down, because "Black Betty" doesn't have any brakes.

While I was at Panther City I was talking to Bernie...I think, and he was like how do you ride that thing(because the drop on my stem is sick), and I told him that it is actually alot more comfortable than you think. So I let him ride it around and he came back and was like "yeah that is pretty comfortable and doesn't hurt the choad like I thought it would"

After I left there I rode over to my friends Sam's house and hung out, had a couple of beers and ate some pizza and then passed out. Next day, woke up played some disc golf and then went to see Josh's band "ThRoUgH AlTeReD EyEs" band practice and then went to his house and crashed out. Josh asked me to make him a video for their song "tapnass", so you might see that some time in the near future.

Today I went to the Veloway and did some training for the upcoming Tour de Cure ride. I wanted to do fifteen laps, but I forgot water and was only able to get in five before I felt like I was going to keel over and die from the heat and no water. The Veloway, is actually kind of nice to ride on, you don't have to deal with cars, you have some hills and it is pretty wide so if you are a faster rider than you can pass the slower folks. My next training ride will be this Thursday and I am going to put in ten laps before I head back to the house. I will make sure to bring my water next time. I will continue the training rides until the Tour de Cure. My schedule rides will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. If you wanna join then send me an email, and we can work out a time.

This is a little bit of video I shot during the ride today.

til next time



- j e n n - said...

i want to come with you :)

dypsokat said...

need to check out the veloway. not this weekend, but sometime jole and i will come down.

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