Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The results are in

So first, I would like apologize to everyone for not writing in this thing like I should. I have alot of stuff going on, and it makes it a little tough to write everyday.

Thanks, OLC

On to the blog. So as you all know the Drop Dead race was this past Saturday. There was a pretty good turn out and I was happy to see everyone there. This was the first race I had put on, so I was a little nervous about how it was going to do. I know some of the things I will change for the next race.

These are the results (to the best of my ability, they got a little mixed up after fourth):

1st Ryan
2nd Cloyd
3rd Justin
4th Matt
5th Brian
6th Caden
7th forgot the dudes name
8th Sam

1st ladies Rachael
2nd Maurine
3rd Jenn

I was told that Graham actually placed before Caden, So I owe him a couple of beers on me. JK, also didn't get his prized because it went missing, So I have to get another one for him.

I forgot to take pictures of everyone getting their prizes. I think that Liz took some pictures that I should be able to get a hold of. I will post them when I get them. I did however have Tyler film the start of the race. I made everyone drop their bikes and run and touch a wall. This is the link. Something else that is funny, is I made Cloyd go on a third manifest (which there wasn't a third one) and he just took off without any questions. That was a highlight of my day also.

Here are some of the pictures I have.


Anonymous said...

a bmxer beating the die hard fixies. whats the world coming to?

- j e n n - said...

i had a blast!!!! note to self : no drinking before the next race though

TFT said...

The 7th place dude was named Ran

one Les car said...

TFT: invite me to your blog....I know that you have a link to my blog....let me link yours. not to mention, I would like to know who you are. I don't even have to link yours just let me read your blog.


TFT said...

the blog is http://biketft.blogspot.com/
and I am the green chrome bag in the fourth picture, Danny is the name.
I don't update the blog too often

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