Thursday, January 24, 2008

Critical Mass

critical mass is tomorrow. this is going to be one to not miss.

.viking mass.

i don't really have anything viking so i am
not going to dress up. plus it is going to be cold and wet and possible ice....

i want to ride tarantula pants.

but i think with my hand still kind of fucked up, i will still just ride my surly.

afterwards there is going to be a party, i think that there will be a couple of kegs, some bands and just an overall good time.i am totally stoked.

on a different note, tim moves out tomorrow, i can't wait. the past couple of months have been really shitty. i don't think i have ever wanted to move out of a house with roommates so bad. on top of that gibson is wanting to move into tim's room and i am not cool with that. he has been fucking chase which is fine with me (if she wants to be with a man whore) and staying at our house. i have my reasons for not wanting him to move in....even though he already lives here. i would just rather he stay downstairs and not in the room right next to me.

i know that when i tell him and chase i am not cool with him moving in, that this is going to cause problems. but these are problems that i have to deal with. i think i would rather them two just move out and me and jenn finish the lease here and then move to Chicago or something.

which that brings up something else. she has been applying for jobs all over the place. austin is getting stale to me so i am ready for a move. i would like to live in Chicago. it is cold and their bike scene is good. if we do move up there i would probably be riding around 50 miles a day. because school would be about twenty miles north and the job and apt would most likely be downtown. i know that jenn's would be.

til next time


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