Wednesday, February 6, 2008

just some new news

alright, so the last blog i posted was just some writing and me venting, so don't take it to seriously.

so i guess i should have wrote this yesterday...but i will forgive myself for not. we met up with some of the midnight ridazz for happy hour on monday, and then went to get some torchey's tacos before heading over to lonestar kickball. i had alot of fun and jenny and i meet this really cool deaf chick. i am so bad with names but she was kick ass.

jenn and i didn't do to much yesterday, she had to work early and i went for a bike ride, not to mention i needed to recover from the weekends events and the kickball. we did however go and get jenny a helmet for her bike. hers is white and mine is black. i think she is going to paint it though. but this just means we get to start working on our paper machetes bunny helmets!!! i can't wait to do this. i am going to start wearing mine even before the ride, which is on 18th. this is going to be a fun ride. also we have kind of made it official and we are only going to do the cemetery cats pub crawl on the first sundays. hopefully it will bring more folks on the ride if it is just once a month.

i also just found a camera that i can put onto my helmet for when i am wanting to record some of my riding. it cost about 85 bucks...not the best camera, but for what i want it for it is good. i can also make video's of critical mass a little easier.

jenn and i are going to see a band tomorrow night. "something called nothing" i am sure it will be a good time. then next weekend, we'll be going to funky town for the tarantula pants show *bonus* the pAperchAse will be playing the night before in dallas so we can go and check them out also. man they put on such a good show and i am looking forward to this....maybe i can get some of my lame friends to go also. this should be a fun trip. josh better fucking hang out this time....i'll kick his ass if he doesn't.

i think that this is about it for now. i can't really think of anything else to write, if i do i'll be back

til then


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