Wednesday, February 20, 2008

borfo ride and full moon ride

So last night was the "Joe Borfo" ride and it was fun as hell. Joe always dresses up in a bunny costume so that was the theme of the Midnight Ridazz ride last night.

We started the night out at Donn's Depot and then cruised over to Beso's. We had a jager bomb and a couple of beers and then headed to "showdown". Jenny and I are poor, so we snuck a few beers in and filled the pitcher a couple of times. We were going to go to flying saucer, but some of the riders we're not down with going up the hills. I don't blame them sometimes running the 52x14.

After that we started to go to shoal creek, but they were closed. I was hungry because I had only eaten once yesterday and so we went over to little woodrows for some beer and torchys tacos. Again, torchys was closed, but by this time it was already like 1 am so we hung out and took some pics and drank some more.

After everything was said and done, we left to come back home. The night was quite a blast.

Now onto tonight. It is the full moon ride. There is supposed to be a lunar eclpise tonight also. This ride should be fucking bad ass. It starts at midnight, but I will be on the bridge around 11. So come and have a blast tonight.

til next time


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So many pretty gals in Austin....and in bunny ears (hahhee) I cant wait for our MR AXT trip this summa....


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