Thursday, February 14, 2008

worst of ATX craigslist ads #1

So I am totally taking a note from NYC bike snob and I am starting my own worst of craigslist. So as I was going through the daily scouring of craigslist I found this guy.

60cm Bianchi San Jose 06 model - $200
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Date: 2008-02-14, 12:09AM CST

This is the third time I have seen his postings. What I love about this is he said in a previous posting that it has "normal wear and tear" on the frame. "Normal wear and tear" my ass

This to me does not look like "normal wear and tear". I have several bikes that I ride on a daily basis and none of them have this "wear and tear". Now I know that he is only asking $200 for the bike....but really??? This bike looks like it is about to fall apart!!!

New Men's DiamondBack Mountain Bike - $125
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Date: 2008-02-14, 3:55AM CST

Then there is this guy. Why would anyone want this bike, especially for $125 bucks???

Selling a new and never ridden Men's DiamondBack Outlook Mountain Bike.

This is the "newest" Diamondback Outlook Mountain bike, It looks nothing like this bike. I mean it even has shocks WOW!!!! Not to mention that it is an '05

Now I am not going to down anyone(maybe I am) for riding such a terrible bike, but again...really??? $125? you have got to be kidding me.

Now I know 100% that I don't have the best bike, and I know that not everyone(especially me) has the money to get a descent bike, but this isn't about them. It is about the stupid people who are trying to rip people off for a shitty bike. I mean you can go to Walmart and get a better bike than that...

I just really want to know what is going through peoples minds when they are posting something for a $ amount that is no where near the $ amount that it is worth.

Just my thoughts today....

til next time


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