Thursday, February 7, 2008

i am awake

so i am awake at 6:28 in the morning. i took jenn to work, because it is cold and i need to do laundry today. so i am using her car. it sucks being awake this early, but the good thing is, when i get done with laundry i can come back and take a nap and then ride downtown to meet jenn and maybe go for a longer ride after that.

on a different note, jenn and i watched the rest of the lives of others, and this movie was pretty damn good. i give it five stars. after that we watched across the universe. this was good, for a musical. at first i was about ready to stop the movie, but it picked up and the songs got better and i was able to tolerate it and then it turned into a better movie. rent it if you like musicals, love the beatles or are just bored. i give it three stars.

onto other things, i also found out that i have a warrant for my arrest (for running a red light on my bike) which i knew, but they are going to basically go door to door on a warrant round up. fun fun fun. so now i defintly have to pay this on friday when i get paid. i am not looking forward to this, because i need to use that money to pay hospital bills for this. but oh well, i did run the light, even though it was clear and the light changed as i went through it. lesson learned...make sure no cops are around, because even if you run the light on your bike, the ticket is the same price as a car....$351.00 big ones.

i also made a flyer for this will destroy you. i like it alot better then the one they have for the show that's on the 8th.Photobucket i think it fits them better. they are playing with lymbic system and both bands are pretty damn awesome. if you don't know then you should check them both out.

ok i am going to sort my laundry now, because the place opens up at seven and it is now six forty.

til next time


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