Friday, February 1, 2008

weird dream

so i was in funky town, but it wasn't really funky town, more like a new york type setting...but it was funky town.and i wasn't really myself...i mean i was but i wasn't. none of my friends were the same and my family didn't live there. anyways there was some sort of weird anti government thing that i was a part of and i still rode my bike every where. i'm still a little fuzzy on the details, because i normally don't remember my dreams. the group that i was a part of did some kind of massive stunt that had all of the police in funky town after us. we were in a huge critical mass size group and everyone was riding and then we all split up. i was doing some fucking awesome hollywood action shit. i was riding my fixed gear and i jumped a set of like five steps with some cops on my ass on their motorcycles....i then skidded sideways and when down an alley, the cops missed the turn. as i was riding down the alley way i noticed that that it was a dead end....there was a fire escape that was coming up on my left. so i reached up with both hands with my feet still in the clips and i flipped myself up and onto the fire escape and my bike went flying and took out one of the bike cops. the other was calling back up and telling them where i was. i proceded to get to the top of the building and there were cops coming out of the roof door. i saw them and took off running and started jumping from building to building. when i thought i had lost them, i hit the fire escape and slide down the railings. i was running through a back alley again and came across some kids and a few of them had i snatched the BMX from one of the kids and started the dream i knew where i was going...but i have no idea where that was. the cops spotted me again and were in full pursuit. one of them in their car hit me and caused me to fall...i then start getting into a fist fight with the cops and end up getting away after a few punches. back to running again. this goes on and on for awhile with different bikes and skateboards. i end up losing the cops and i was running along the banks of the trinity river. this part of town was a very bad part of town and i was cutting through peoples back yards and jumping fences and whgat not. i was thinking about swiming across the river because then i would have been in a safety zone, as far as the dream went, but i was spent on energy. so i was about four feet from the water and there was alot of brush and drift wood laying around. i made myself a little cove and i was well hid in behind some moss and leaves and wood. i saw the cops searching all over the place and they had been all around me and then one spotted me. it wasn't because i wasn't well hid. it was because of what i was didn't even come into my mind to hide part of it.i was in all black except for parts of my shirt had reflective material on it like this
right before they found me i looked down and saw the reflective material and was like SHIT!!!
the cops found me and i was tried of running so i just let them take me. i asked, how did you see me, i was hidden so well. was it because of the reflective sleaves?and the lady cop said yes...and i just hung my head down. then out of the blue all these kids who i had used the bikes or boards stsarting coming up and wanting my autograph, the cop let me sign a few and the threw me in the paddy wagon...and i woke up.

pretty weird

i'll try and write something later will probably be on how windy it was on my way to work.

til next time


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- j e n n - said...

that was a better dream than most of your others :)

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