Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet

Awhile back I read an articule about wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet. It was based out of the UK so I didn't really know if it would compare to the states. So I purchased a helmet not to long ago, and I have found that that it pretty much applies everywhere. Since having my helmet, I have experienced more close call of almost getting plowed through like a fat kid eating cake then what I care to deal with. Now I know that ultimately wearing a helmet will "possibly" save my life. I just can't help but to notice people driving closer to me, cutting me off, and damn near hitting me on a daily basis. Today I was riding to work, it was about 7:00 in the morning and I was just about to turn left on to the feeder road and out of nowhere comes this lady in her SUV and cuts me off to make the turn. Apparently she was in to big of a hurry to let me turn, which would have taken two more seconds of her precious time. This isn't the first time at that intersection either. First time was an SUV that almost looked the same as the one today, but it was at like 2:00 in the afternoon when there is no traffic. On that particular day I had decided to go for a long ride (you may have to zoom out a bit) and almost got hit a total of four times. One said SUV Two a garbage truck for the city, Three a pick up truck, and Four a cab driver.

Now I am not saying that I haven't had close calls without my helmet. I have. I have been hit three times, one resulting with two of my ribs getting cracked. You know there have been several close calls, one in which Jenn almost got hit, and I chased the guys down and got into a fight (as some of you know) and broke my hand.

So I am left wondering, do I really "need" to wear my helmet? I mean if people see it (helmet) and don't care and almost hit me, versus when I am not wearing it and people don't come quite as close. What is the point?

I am still going to wear it, because I know that it can save my life (and I paid for it), but WTF??? Why are people in such a hurry to not wait two seconds, maybe three, fuck maybe even five SECONDS till they pass? Is that to much to ask?

Another thing that I HATE, when I am going down a hill and someone just has to get in front of me to make a turn....again, can you not wait a second for me to get passed your oh so important turn?

This can be so frustrating sometimes, but I choose to ride my bike for several reasons. One. I just enjoy it. It can be so relaxing, commanding, exhilarating. Two. I am not a environmental nut, but I try and do my part. I don't litter, I try and recycle, and I don't drive a car, unless necessary. Three. The exercise. Four. It is just fun. I enjoy group rides. I enjoy riding with Jenn. Overall I just enjoy cycling.

I wish more people would ride a bike. Then they would know what it is like to almost get hit by a car (and maybe pay more attention, I know this isn't bicycle, but still). They would maybe just learn to enjoy themselves and get exercise at the same time.

I am done venting for now, but I am sure at some point in time I will do it some more.

til next time


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