Friday, February 8, 2008


So after I got done doing laundry I sat and did a little bit of work from home. Then I went and met Jenny and we rode to HEB and picked up some stuuf, and then back to the house. I was still ready to ride, so I left and Jenny took a nap, I rode up to YPB and then over to spiderhouse for a quick cup of joe and then back to a different YPB. They think that my bottom bracket might be loose (it is making a weird clicking noise). Then I rode back to the house and had a beer, and ate some kung-pao. It was very delicious. So I ended up doing about twenty three miles yesterday. which isn't bad, but not my best. The thing about the ride is the wind was blowing 15-25 miles an hour the entire time, that sucked ass. Many of you know that I ride 52x14 and going up hills with that gear ratio is quite a pain in the ass already, but with wind blowing 25 miles an hour???? You have got to be kidding me. So it felt like I rode alot further than I did.

So tonight we are going to see her friend Donnie do his comedy bit at esters follies. I haven't seen it before, but Jenn says that it is funny. Also my friend Scottie is going to be in town from the shit hole of town Weatherford TX. I used to live there and the city is , so you have to drive thirty minutes out of your way to get beer....fuck that never again, will I live in a city that is dry. After that we are going over to our friends Tahna and Virginia's house. It is their friend Paco's 25th birthday. Beer, party, jello shots.

Anyways, I will let all of you know how everything goes.

til next time


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