Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lonestar Kickball

So last night was "lonestar kickball". It was a blast as always. As usual the two newest people play and the teams can get uneven real quick. So the team that I was on, sucked, well at first. The other team had the four fastest players on their team. The guy pitching for us gave up like ten runs in the first inning. We eventually got someone else to roll for us. The other team was really kicking our ass like 15 to nothing. There were a couple of times were my shoe went flying off, so I took them off. My first kick without shoes landed just inbounds of third base and I was able to get all the way to third. The next kicker got out, so it ended up not mattering. My next at kick I kicked the shit out of the ball and was starting to round third for an in-park, and I started to lose my balance and I was getting chased down by Damon(he is fast as fuck). When he threw the ball I was just about already on my face and when it hit me, it was like that was all I needed to go down. I ended up tumbling and landing on home plate....but of course I was out. My team ended up losing, but we came on strong towards the end.

Overall I had a ton of fun last night, even though we lost. The ride home was brutal, the wind was blowing like crazy and my legs were sore from riding that day and running around like a crazy person. When I finally made it home, Jenn had cooked lasagna for us. It was really good, I wasn't hungry at first, but I went back for seconds.

I also finished the video for the Sheldon Brown memorial ride. I wish that I could have taken a little bit better video, but I have a shitty digital camera that takes shitty video. Hopefully soon I will be able to get a helmet camera that will take some better videos for me. You tube also sucks, because you have a limit to what size the video is. So I need to get my own website, so I can host my own video's that are higher quality.

Sorry for the shaking in the video, I was holding it with my hand obviously. You can see Jenny in it several times :)

On to other things, work today has sucked. Even though I am sitting at home in my bath robe and working from home, it has sucked. It gets very tiring when people get annoyed because I am trying to make good with a client. Oh well. I think I am going to go in early to the office tomorrow to take care of things, before anyone else really gets there.

I am so ready to move. Jenn get a job already ;)

Anyways, if anyone is interested, kickball is every Monday at Zilker park, come and play.

I need a beer. I think I am going to clean my room and make it smell good again.

Till next time


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- j e n n - said...

i'm working on finding a job baby...

patience :)

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