Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stephen Moser arrested!!!!!

This just in. Stephen Moser
is arrested!!!! I'm sure everyone remembers him for his famous rant,

Speaking of bikes, my heart began to turn to stone as I was stopped at Riverside and Lamar watching a parade of bikes indulging, presumably, in some form of civil disobedience. What that meant was that dozens of clowns on bicycles took up the entire street and brought most traffic to a standstill. After several minutes of obnoxious waving and smiling from the riders, I was ready to pull a Lizzie Grubman and plow right through them and be on my way. But I was hesitant to rack up a lot of hit-and-run charges against me ... and then there would be all that damage to my car. The thing is, all the smiling and waving did not make me sympathetic to the scofflaws' "cause." It made me think: "Don't give bikes the right. Give 'em the finger.

You also can't forget this one,

THEM? AGAIN? We had a near-miss with a small group of members of Critical Mass (wouldn't that be an Inconsequential Mass?) on South First recently – six or seven poorly dressed but well-behaved bicyclists took advantage of a red light, turned their bikes toward the cars, and put out their hands like they were the Supremes singing "Stop in the Name of Love." I jabbed Stephen Rice in the side with my finger: "It's them! It's them!" With traffic completely blocked, they began their slower than slow procession – so slow it made me wonder how they stayed on their bikes at all. Perhaps they were superglued to the bicycle seats or perhaps permanently impaled upon them. I'm sure if they'd known who was in the car they were blocking, they probably would have attacked me with air pumps and water bottles. Fortunately, Stephen and I were able to neatly sidestep any possible melee by zipping through an opening in their ranks and leaving them in the dust. I used to have an issue with Critical Mass, but now it's a full-blown subscription.

Well, just like the title of the blog says, he was arrested.

Austin fire investigators say a man has been arrested in a car fire in the Austin City Hall parking garage earlier this month.

Stephen MacMillan Moser, 51, is accused of setting the fire early on March 13. Moser has been a fashion writer for the Austin Chronicle.

Lt. Jack Garner, fire investigator, says in a court affidavit that Moser and the owner of a black Toyota got into the vehicle, and Moser backed out and hit a concrete barrier. The two got into an argument, and the vehicle owner left the parking garage. Investigators say the cameras in the parking garage show that Moser was still in the car when a fire started inside the car, and Moser left.

The fire was quickly put out and there was no damage reported to the building structure.

Fire investigators say the fire started in the passenger seat, and Tuesday afternoon, investigators had to forcibly enter Moser's home and arrest him. They say they recovered the clothing he was wearing that night as evidence.

Moser is charged with arson -- a 2nd degree felony. If convicted, he could face 20 years in prison

Great mugshot Mr. Moser, from what I heard while listening to KLBJ, is that the car he set on fire was one of his roommate/s. I guess everything wasn't all roses between them anymore.

I say good riddance, another person behind the wheel of a car, that obviously has issues with cyclist, is off the streets. I'll have a drink to that!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Stephen Moser. Karma's a bitch, huh?

j e n n said...

I'm reassured that he would have actually "plowed" through the Critical Mass crowd.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has investigated where all the money collected from his charity events has gone. He admits in his column he refused treatment for his prostrate cancer. What if (hypothetically) all the money went up his nose...does no one in this town care he used his prostrate cancer for all he could. That is bilk the Austin A-list, and Austin A-Gays. How stupid can they be to be taken in by Moser.

BTW...his felony offense trial for Arson (alleged) starts on November 9 through November 16. It has been rescheduled numerous times since March, 2009. Don't you think if he felt he was really innocent he would have gone to trial and declared his innocence just to get it over with? Just a thought.
As Moser would write "be there or be Cher" for his trial.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever. http://bit.ly/bllhx1

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