Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Results from Bike Poll

So after a few weeks on the blog, the results are in. Seventy people voted on the poll. Thanks everyone who voted.

18% of the votes only have one bike.
24% have two bikes.
20% three bikes
34% have four or more. That's a lot of bikes for some of you out there!

34% of you have track bikes.
61% of you have road bikes.
41% of you have mountain bikes.
20% of you have cross bikes.
18% of you have BMX cruiser bikes.
18% of you also have beach cruiser bikes.
1% of you have a recumbent bike.
30% of you have a shitty fixie (conversion) bike.
5% of you have a bike just for polo.

Again, thanks everyone for voting, I'll put up another poll sometime soon.

til next time


1 comment:

dougmc said...

The only 'bent owner? sheesh!

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