Monday, March 9, 2009

Ride a bike...may have to pay road tax

So I have mixed feelings about this. As someone who drives a car and someone who pays taxes already, this kind of sucks. On the other hand though paying $54 dollars every 2 years to have more bike lanes and awareness.... well I'd do that. Still it sucks to hear people who only drive cars saying, I pay for the roads so you should pay taxes.... I do ass wipe, I drive also, but I choose to ride as well.

Tell me what yo think.....

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iam3rik said...

"The Oregon Constitution mandates that gas tax revenues can only be spent to maintain and improve the state highway system. They account for about 60 percent of ODOT's highway budget."

Taxation at the pump isn't doing anything to help bicycle infrastructure there, and that's the real issue. Simply throw in an additional 2 cents per gallon and it all works itself out.

Mandatory registration is kind of a touchy topic. I'd much rather support a minor added tax on new bicycle sales versus ongoing ridership -- if it came down to a choice. Honestly, taxing usage would discourage people from embracing transportation bicycling.

j e n n said...


Anonymous said...

The claim that cyclist don't pay our way for road maintenance is bogus.

In Oregon, at least, road maintenance is paid for with property taxes and such that everybody pays. Not just with gas taxes.

Combine that fact with the fact that cyclists contribute virtually zero wear and tear to the roads and the notion that we don't pay our way does not hold water.

one Les car said...


I agree with you.I think the fact that some folks decide to ride, versus drive, doesn't mean they should pay an extra tax, just because they decide to ride.

Keep up the good fight, and if you come to
Austin, let us know, we would love to ride and show you around town.

Austin, may not be the most friendly city, but it is nice to ride around a bit

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