Sunday, March 29, 2009

After Race report

So first, I would like to say thanks to everyone who came out and raced on such a beautiful windy day!! We raised $106 dollars for YBP, and 479 cans of food for the Austin Food bank!!!!!!! Holy shit everyone!!! Thats a lot of food, for the food bank!

The race had 5 checkpoints. All the check points were at HEB. All racers had to purchase 2 cans of food at each HEB. Every extra can of food purchased, got 20 seconds knocked off of their time.

The checkpoints:

Congress and Oltorf
Riverside and Pleasent Valley
7th and Pleasent valley
41st and Redriver
2222 and Burnet

Now onto the race results

1st place: Cloyd, came in at 121.05 with cans, made his time 1:17.05
2nd place: Sterling, came in at 1:22.02 with cans, made his time 1:19.02
3rd place: Andrew, came in at 1:30.46 with cans mad his time 1:24.46
4th place: Ryan, (last years winner) came in at 1:29.02. Ryan had no extra cans of food, but did bring back a six pack of Modelo's.
5th place: Chris, came in at 1:31.54 with cans, made his time 1:30.54
6th place: Chris Lee, came in at 1:44.08 with cans, made his time 1:34.08
7th place: Ahlee, came in at 1:44.10 with cans, made his time 1:35.10

Erik, got DFL, and got an "I love my bike" bell, Love ya Erik!

That rounds out the folks who got prizes. Andrew got the first fixed prize, but actually came in second as far as fixed, Sterling, should have gotten first fixed prize.....sorry Andrew, I fucked up, but I do have a brand new tire for ya!!!

Rest of the group is as follows. Jenn didn't write everyone's names down, because when they finished, they didn't have extra cans, so they unfortunately did not get written down in the book. Sorry guys.

Wyatt 1:40.50
Brett 1:42.42
Tanner 1:45.01
Matthew 1:46.31
John Rencho 1:48.00
Jason 1:48.57
Adam 1:58.00
Erik 2:01.03

Thanks again everyone, I consider the race a success. I'm going to put on the halloween alleycat again this year, and it should be pretty epic. I know there were some haters from last year, but fuck it, going to try and go all out again, we'll see.

Also, I will post the pictures and video Jenn took from the race. I'm at work right now and don't have the camera, so come back to see those. Ahlee, don't wear clip-less shoes again, if you're going to be running. :) Who the fuck drives a car to a alleycat race and then pulls out their trainer.. apparently.the guy who wins the race.....

til next time



Anonymous said...

i got sun burned :( and had a blast!!

John Rensho said...

Dude, Les, great race! I had a lot of fun and I definitely dropped dead afterwards. Brutal in the best way.

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

pics will be here. take what you want.

i will own the next race...first female for sure.

one Les car said...

John: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.... you can look forward to the Halloween race...going to be killer

Jessica: Thanks for the link to the pics you took!!!!

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