Monday, March 2, 2009

Craigslist, some good and some bad #11

So just cruising the CL and found a couple of things that made me laugh.

to the fixie rider at 4th & congress that i slammed a door into (4th and congress)

dude. soooooooo sorry man. i ALWAYS check my mirror before i exit, i don't know what happened this time. anyway, i'm incredible sorry about that. i've been hit by cars on my fixed with no brakes and it blows. if your gf needs proof of evidence that you were late, come by (more slowly) and i'll apologize personally. and valet her car if necessary. i'm glad i didn't destroy your hand, or bike, or fork, or wheel. or your head. a true testament to why every cyclist should wear one, me included. if i hadn't had customers standing right there (this wouldn't have happened, and,) i would have laid that jackass out. seriously, i should have spoken up and told him it was my fault and to go fuck himself over what wasn't even a couple scratches on his piece of shit tahoe. fuck him. gr. anyway i'm glad you're alright and didn't make a huge deal out of it; i'm pretty sure we both knew cyclists aren't technically supposed to pass on the side, but i've done it and got mine too, not that i'm blame placing because it was (in my eyes) both our faults. i've dodged cyclists before and will from now on. best of luck. sincerest apologies. if your headset needs a tune-up, i've got a couple spares.

At least this does sound sincere.

adorable bike courier this morning - w4m - 23 (downtown)

you: bike courier wearing black cut offs and vans
me: bite size blonde receptionist with an armload of mail, blushing uncontrollably

you came by to pick up some forms and i'm glad i had mail to distribute because i had to take a minute to regain my composure. it's not every day someone so delightfully good looking comes into the office! you asked my name before disappearing forever, and yes, first names are typically better, but not when you are trying to stalk someone on the internet. of course, i mean stalk in the sweetest way possible.

i've been here four months and couriers come in all the time, typically wielding sandwiches or cookies, but this is the first time you've ever delivered something here. i probably missed my only opportunity. too bad because i really want to have a casual encounter with you in the elevator. or anywhere else.

if your name is james and you are the adorable bike courier that came into my office today, please respond! i want to feed you lone star and blackberries.

if you know this person, give him a heads up!

James (not Clayton)'ve been called out.....

to the jerk who stole my bike light (Half Price Books N Lamar)

I hope you get a paper cut on your asshole and then sit in lemon juice.


and in response, sure this isn't the person who did it, just some jackass.

To the Dork missing a bike light (Half Price Books N Lamar)

Thanks I needed one

Some jackassery in any way that you look at it. I wish people wouldn't fuck with other people's shit.

54cm fixed gear 390$ - $390

fixed gear, good for someone between 5'6 and 5'11, good condition, bike retails at 700$ call me at 541 610 **** if u are interested

I pulled this before it was, for some reason deleted.

Date: 2009-02-27 11:02:26

re fixed gear $390

If you actually do somelooking around, you can find the same exact bike on for cheaper, with free shipping.....just sayin

"fixed gear, good for someone between 5'6 and 5'11, good condition, bike retails at 700$ call me at 541 610 **** if u are interested"

They used the same picture and everything. I mean, come on folks do some research before you just buy anything off of CL. I mean fuck, you can get the size you want, the color you want here

There are more, but I have to leave for work. Feel free to let the above mentiond folks, know whatever they may need to know.

til next time


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