Saturday, March 7, 2009

Drop Dead in 3 weeks

We're three weeks away folks. You're going to want to bring five bucks to enter and 2 cans of food. Yes, Yes I know, sounds a lot like Chris Lee's race. I promise it will be different, I have something in store for you my pretties!!!!! Bring a bag (BIG) and some extra cash.

All the money is going to YBP. We've all been there done some volunteering, and of course fixed our bikes. I want to see them up and going in the new shop as soon as possible. I know a couple of other folks have the same idea, but it's a good one.

So come out three weeks from now. It will start at the new East Side Pedal Pushers location (5th and onion) registration 2 race 3.

See ya there



BIG THANKS, to the one and only Chase Maclaskey for making the flyer!!!


chase said...

hey, how about a shout out for taking a few hours of my precious time to make a flyer for your alleycat. or maybe even a reply to my email with 'thanks' - you had plenty of time to put the flyer up and blog about it, i feel like rodney dangerfield over here. fuck.

token dick said...

it took a few hours to make that? maybe instead of putting your name on the top of it you could have spent a few more minutes on the kerning.

ATXFixed said...

whats your email, les?

one Les car said... don't spam me :)

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