Monday, March 9, 2009

Child on bike fatally struck by SUV in Dallas


DALLAS - A young boy was struck and killed by a SUV while riding his bike at about 3:30 p.m. in West Dallas.

Juan Rey Marin, a six-year-old student at C.F. Carr Elementary School, was riding near his home at Singleton Boulevard and Kingbridge Street when the SUV struck him, wedging his bike underneath the vehicle.

Family followed the ambulance as the child was rushed to a nearby hospital, which was where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The boy's uncle, Filiberto Zamudio, said a witness told him he saw a DISD counselor exit the Thomas A. Edison Middle Learning Center's parking lot in the SUV that struck the child. The accident was not in a designated school zone.

"He was outside on the porch watching the kids," Zamudio said of the witness. "He told the lady, 'Stop, stop,' but she didn't see the kid crossing."

Marin's father said the woman driving the car was talking on her cellphone at the time of the accident. Police have not confirmed if the driver was using a cellphone, but said she was not speeding.

No charges are expected.

Note the fucking sarcasm. I can't believe this. When will people stop talking on their phones while they are driving and pay attention to the fucking road. No charges are expected Really? There should be some kind of consequence for this ladies actions........ NO CHARGES EXPECTED, unbelievable.

My thoughts go out to the family.

This is from one of the members of the family of the person driving the SUV,

I am a long time viewer of WFAA and today I am sadly disappointed in the media after reading this story. I am a family member of the person driving the SUV. Here are some facts that the media hasn't told you:
1. The police have ruled this as an ACCIDENT.
2. The driver WAS NOT on the phone when the accident happened. Police were able to pull phone records and through these records they were able to confirm this.
3. The driver was seen getting out of the SUV talking on the phone. That is correct, because she was on the phone with 911.
4. The driver was not speeding. With the set up school, the house where the child was playing, the street traffic, etc. the police ruled it was not possible that she was speeding.
5. The driver never saw the child until after the accident. And YES it was an accident.
6. The family of the child has a long history of neglect when it comes to the children. There have been many CPS reports filed on this family. And if I understand correctly CPS is in the process of taking the children away from the parents. (This information came from a member of the child’s family)
This was a very tragic accident and fingers shouldn’t be pointed without giving all the facts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this boy, but my thoughts and prayers also go out to my family member who is grief stricken over this and is being persecuted because the media isn’t informing every one of ALL the details and facts.

This may be the case, but WTF. I mean if you are driving through a school zone, or anywhere around a school zone, you should know that there are kids playing. There should be some course of action for the driver, be it a suspension of the DL or community service or something. Something more than nothing.

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Brea said...

Why would they bring up the family having a long history of neglect and CPS? Is this for justification? The kid was already neglected by the it's not my fault I wasn't paying attention while I drive? Accidents do happen but pay attention especially around schools and neighborhoods. I agree Les.

Maria said...

Thanks brea.. For the support that is so right why the fuck are they bringing that up . That the fam. Had a history of cps .. That is no excuse ... and the police did nothing to that lady that killed my nephew just because she was a counselor at tomas a edison just outside were the accident happend. And that lady wus in a hurry thats why she didnt put attention that their was a boy crossing the street .. How could she not see or feel that she was dragging a person and a bike for several second...because she did not stop at the time of the impact

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