Tuesday, March 31, 2009


'ello everyone.

Right now, I'm working with a friend from Texas Bicycle Coalition on a campaign to advocate ladies wearing their helmets while riding. We're looking for about 5-10 female cyclists with their bikes and helmets to lend us a helping hand in making this happen.. If you're looking for celebrity status in Austin (ha!) you miiiiiiight get it because your face, helmet and bike are going to be plastered all over the city!!

(this is not for the weak of heart)

We also need a photographer. If anyone with a camera would like to help out, that would be awesome.

Please email me at boohoohooboo @ gmail.com if you're interested in participating in any way. This shouldn't take too long to get rolling, I just need some people to help us out.

And tell all of your friends!!

Ride safe.

P.S. Thank you, Leslie (from central Bicycle Sport Shop) for giving me a ride back to my apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Although my mom told me never to take rides from strangers, I figured a ride from a stranger would be safer than walking home by myself through the ghetto, past the crackheads at 5:50am. I've had 4 flat tires on my bike in the last week - 2 of them today. GHETTO!!


M1EK said...

Promoting helmets doesn't make cyclists more likely to wear helmets so much as it reinforces the already too prevalent opinion among suburban mommies that bicycling is too dangerous for their little ones.

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

damn i thought i bad luck with flats. i feel your pain, jenn.

one Les car said...


What makes you think promoting helmets is a bad thing? So what if a suburban mommy doesn't want their kid riding a bike without a helmet? Is that actually any of your concern?

The point of the post wasn't about trying to get a lame fucking helmet law passed. I believe that you should have the choice of wearing a helmet or not wearing a helmet.

The point of the post was that Bike Texas is getting a campaign together to promote women in cycling wearing helmets.

Some people think they look retarded wearing a helmet, but they're actually just concerned with their safety. I wear a helmet, Jenn wears a helmet, most of my friends wear helmets. We all wear them by choice. We want to be safe.

Point being, the whole idea and concept is to prove to women, that they can still look cute wearing a helmet.

now go choke on a jar of dicks......

M1EK said...

Helmets don't work - and they make people think cycling is 'dangerous' - and at a certain level of perceived danger, that means fewer people will do it.


j e n n said...

Cycling in Austin is dangerous. People in Texas aren't keen to the idea of sharing the road with a bicycle. You are safer with your helmet in Austin.

M1EK said...


"Drivers pass closer when overtaking cyclists wearing helmets than when overtaking bare-headed cyclists, increasing the risk of a collision, the research has found."

This study assumed that helmets actually work non-trivially in a collision, by the way. An assumption that doesn't appear supportable based on the population data.

j e n n said...

Look, we're never going to agree on this, so you go do your own thing and stay a pessimist. It doesn't matter how close cars may pass you.. helmets matter in collisions.

j e n n said...

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.. dang it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Jenn, people here dont like to share the road, but you are lucky if they even see you. They really dont have cyclist on their minds when they are cutting across three lanes to try to not miss their street all while not even using a turn signal.

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