Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey Ladies!!!!!

No, I'm not talking about the Beastie Boys song,

I'm talking about all you wonderful ladies of Austin. Mo over at what's the rush? is getting together a weekly/monthly ride, just for you ladies.

Instead of hosting a race that pits women against one another, I have a better idea. Unity.
I am calling on ladies only, young, old, gay, straight, fast, slow, new to cycling, old pros, to join me in a weekly cruise about town. I want you all, and your mamas, and your friends. I want you to be safe, have fun, and get your legs under you! Wear a helmet without being embarrassed. I am comfortable with being sexy and showing the world the respect I have for my lovely brain. I wear sneakers, pedal pushers, short shorts, and spandex and feel comfortable in them all! I love my strong body, and I want you to love yours too!

So what are you waiting for? Drop her a line( and get in on this.

Mo, I still think you should put together a race just for the ladies. I know Jenn would race in it, and a few other ladies. I'm sure you wouldn't make it as brutal as Chris Lee's race (fuck the wind), so that might help in pulling some more ladies to race.

Alright Ladies, there you have it, get off yer arse's and get in contact with Mo!!!!

til next time


1 comment:

Maureen Grady said...

yes! thanks Les! I have gotten quite a response thanks to your help!
have an awesome race tomorrow, i will be missing it while i am at work...

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