Friday, March 6, 2009

Ride to work

So I rode my bike into work today, it was about a 17 mile ride. It felt great outside, and I'm glad to finally be back on the bike so I can ride to work. Normally I would be going out tonight because it is Friday, but I have a 40+ mile training ride tomorrow morning for the Tour de Cure, I consider it a training ride for the MS 150 as well since I am riding in both. After that ride is a rally for the Tour de Cure. There is going to be some grub and some prizes as well I think. So if you wanna ride, give me a shout and you can ride with Jenn and I.

til next time



Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

how is your fundraising going? i've raised $100 so far...good but slow! i'm running a relay this weekend but i have a 44 mile ride next weekend...i finished my fixie but the gearing is off. should be at the midnight cruise on tues...see you there?!

one Les car said...

for sure...I'm not doing as good as you in the fundraising though ;)

j e n n said...

congrats! please don't get hit on your way home!

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