Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UPDATE on Barton Springs Intersection

This morning I received a call from Officer Kinley with APD. He called to get more information about the traffic issue on Barton Springs road and asked what I thought would be a good resolution to the problem. I told him signs indicating the lane splitting would help, probably some new paint jobs on the road with arrows for traffic to follow, and of course a patrol car to issue some tickets. Office Kinley said they would put an officer at the intersection to issue tickets. He also instructed me to call 311 to report it there so that city workers could go out to investigate the signage and lack of arrows directing traffic - hopefully within 3 to 8 weeks there will be some improvements.

I'm impressed. I honestly did not expect a call back from the city (much less in less than a weeks time) about the intersection. I told him that I bike that way home from work everyday and it doesn't matter if I'm in my car or on my bike, someone almost always hits me.

Thanks APD for caring.

Hopefully we'll see some improvements!!

Ride safe.


one Les car said...

AWESOME!!!! make a difference

j e n n said...

I'm trying :)

Jason said...

Further west on Barton Springs is about to undergo a massive new painting/striping renovation, including the addition of sharrows and bikes "may use full lane" signs. Depending on how well it goes in this area, the sharrow markings and signs are going to be placed throughout the downtown area. Hopefully they'll include the stretch you're referencing, as I've had many a close call with a car that couldn't decide what lane they wanted to be in until the last minute.

Way to not just sit by idly but to pick up the phone and make a change instead.

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