Thursday, January 29, 2009

send your questions in!!

I read this on and would like to reiterate how important it is for us to send our questions to Eileen for the March ACA meeting.

Police Chief, Art Acevedo will be there addressing cyclists' questions. Apparently, Eileen is putting together a list of questions to send to APD ahead of time - giving them ample time to research and provide sufficient responses for us. There will also be a short segment afterward for open Q&A - you can ask your quesiton here if its not addressed with the others.

I know, I know. You may think your question is dumb or someone else will surely email her with a similar question, so why should you? BECAUSE. Maybe no one else will ask that dumb question (wait... no question is dumb), and then where would the world be? Point being, we've all got a ton of questions for the Chief and APD, so ask them. We have all had different and varying responses from APD and cycling around town. We've all got issues we want discussed, so now is the time to bring them to APDs attention.


.ride safe.

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