Wednesday, January 21, 2009

fresh paint around town

well well well...

My good 'ol buddy over at APD, Officer Kinley, called me today to say the city had repainted Barton Springs road between South First and Riverside. I was stoked!!! He said they are working on getting new signs up on the road, but that will come later.

Since I'm working from my bed today (damn allergies), I hopped on my bike and rode over there. Turns out, all of the lane marking have been repainted in that entire area - from Congress to past South First - all of the crossroads are painted as well. I was a little disappointed that there were not any new markings (like possibly an arrow splitting into two arrows, indicating the lane is splitting), but all in all, I'm pleased by the city's response. The white stripes are definitely brighter - maybe people will stick to their lanes.

**note to everyone: calling the city and complaining or offering suggestions of how to resolve issues isn't as hard as it seems to be. maybe I just got lucky, but I'm very proud of Austin for listening.

Lets see what happens :)

ride safe.

1 comment:

one Les car said...

That's fucking AWESOME!!!! good job on getting something done!!!

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