Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you ride your bike on Barton Springs Road

Between South First and Riverside... You know what I'm talking about. That section of road is filled with morons who don't care to follow traffic laws.

So here's how it goes:
If you're riding east on Barton Springs, right after South First st, the right hand lane splits into 2 lanes (one is a straight or turn lane, the other is strictly a turn only lane). Cars in the left hand lane don't care that they have to continue following between their white striped lanes to remain in the same lane of traffic, and to not kill someone or have a fender bender. Hence, I almost get run over at this point in my ride home EVERYDAY.

I'm sure someone has complained about this before, but there is still nothing being done. I've never witnessed anyone getting ticketed for not using a turn signal (signalling that yes, I am going to be cutting you off) or not obeying traffic laws, nothing!!

I called Austin Transportation Services today to let them know of my concern. Not sure what they'll do about it, but I plan to call everyday until something happens. If you know the intersection I'm talking about or have almost been hit there yourself, you should give them a call and complain about it.


Thanks :)

Ride safe,

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jim said...

I know that stretch of road well. During ACL, my pedicab (with passengers) was swerved at and cut off by a truck not following the lanes. And not just once that weekend either; it happened to other people, and even happened to me again while I was working the trail of lights. It's a horrible intersection, especially if you're on a bike. You either follow the lane and hop you don't die, or stay to the right and cut across out of the turn lane and hope you don't get hooked. Sucks.

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