Monday, January 19, 2009

new project under way

So I recently came into a new frame, that I am having Lee over at East side pedal punchers build up for me. It is a late 80's Dave Scott Ironman Centurion. It has the red and white color scheme. All I have is the frame right now, but it looks something like this, when I am done. Although I think I will have a white seat instead of black, and maybe a red bar tape. So if anyone has a white turbo they have lying around hit me up, I may want to snag it from you.

I will be using this bike to get back and fourth to work, when I am able to ride again. I am going to put a basket on the rear with paineers on the side. It will also be equipped with fenders.

I'll post some pics of my actual bike when I get a chance.

til next time


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