Saturday, January 17, 2009

thanks everyone for a great birthday!

Thanks everyone for coming to dinner!!! That was a really good dinner and I'm glad you all could make it out.Thanks Dan, for letting me come by and par take in some of your birthday festivities. Thanks Stallone and Jessica for the training wheels!!!! One of the best birthday presents ever!!Thanks Casey and Mim's for coming out and buying a round of drinks, and of course the ever so dangerous bottle of baren jager. (that will be left a Jenny's so I don't drink i all in one night)Thanks A1 for the kick ass shirt, I will wear it often. Thanks for all the drinks at yer bar as well. And Thank you Jenny for the kick ass bike tube wallet you made and my cane that I get to poke people with since I am an old man now.

Thanks for all the birthday calls and birthday wishes!!!!!

I love you all, I had a great birthday!!!!! and I didn't even throw up or piss myself!!!

1 comment:

j e n n said...

I'm glad there was no pissing of my bed last night!!!

old old man, love you

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