Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jimmy Carter’s bike stolen

Yeah I know this article doesn't really qualify as something that would normally write about, but jeezzzus, where does it stop. If you see our nation’s 39th president hoofing around the center that bears his name, feel sorry for the guy. Someone snatched his bike.

Police acted quickly when they learned of the Jan. 2 break-in and theft at the center. You can imagine the report: Stolen: two (2) bicycles; one blue in color, other cream in color. Eight-geared. One ridden by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

“They’ve probably been sold for a $10 rock of crack,” fumed Peter Wicker

That sucks! I hate hearing about bikes being stolen period, but an ex prez? I mean shit at least he's not bush, fuck someone steal his bike please....that fucker needs to have something stolen from him, like he stole my 8 years of dealing with his shitty term in office.

Speaking of bush, it just makes me think of this.....

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