Monday, October 13, 2008

Today at 5:30 What are you doing?

I know what I am going to be doing. Eastside Pedal Pushers might have to move, because someone wants to cash in on the "eastside" and putting another coffee shop/gallery were ESPP is. We don't need another one. There are at least three in the same general area. This was sent to me in email the other day, so I am posting it up again.

Hey everyone.

Quick breakdown - strange things are afoot on the east side of Austin
TX and Lee needs help. Some hipsters are trying to remove him from
his shop to put in *another* coffee shop on the east side. You all
ride bikes, so you know we need more shops in town than we need more
coffee shops. Don't get me wrong - I love some coffee, but there are
already 3, that I know of, within a mile or so. And Progress it HUGE!

Anyway - if you like Lee, or bike shops, or fighting the power, here's
the stats:

City Council Chambers
301 W. 2nd.
5:30 pm on Monday the 13th

Show up, ride your bike (of course), and try to look *real* mean.

Thanks for your support.

So if you have the time, please come out and support a local owned bike shop that is on the eastside. We don't have to many.

til next time


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