Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Race results, After party, and a few other things

Ok, so I have been asked for the "list" a couple of times now, so here ya go. This is overall what place everyone came in. There will be a (G) for girls, (OT) for out of towner's, and (COS) for people who rode in costume the whole way.

1st. Will Wolfe
2nd. Cloyd Dowling
3rd. Cameron
4th. John Kroger
5th. Elliott Siff
6th. Ran Wodfin
7th. Gordon Yang
8th. Graham Robinson
9th. Ahlee Sobhani
10th.Andrew Steven
11th. Matt Whetstone
12th. Maureen Grady (G)
13th. Jay Long
14th. Lee Grisham
15th. John Anthony/Fredrick De Maria
16th. Chris Lee
17th. Charlie Alvarado
18th. John Eller
19th. Jay Atencio
20th. Justin Huffman
21st. Adam Robinson
22nd. Dan Nicely
23rd. Sarah Mattson (G)
24th. Josh Bailey
25th. Corey Fields
26th. Stephen Fields
27th. Ben Cross
28th. Joe Zugelter (COS)
29th. Daniel Weeks
30th. Mellissa Gee (G)
31st. Casey Wilcox
32nd. Jared Ferguson
33rd. Thomas Alvarez
34th. Chris Roncal
35th. Daniel Yebowitz
36th. Tobin Daniel
37th. Casey Eastman (COS)
38th. Jennifer Grayson (G)
39th. Taylor Rhodes
40th. Wyatt Brusard
41st. Devin
42nd. Jeff
43rd. Nic
44th. Joshua
45th. Vince
46th. Justin (COS)
47th. LouisiAnnie(G)....I'm not sure when you finished exactly Annie.... :(

There were more than fifty racers, I'm guessing some dropped off and had flats or what have you and went home, that you they didn't come to see me so I could write what place they were.

1st. Will Wolfe
2nd. Cloyd Dowling
3rd. Cameron
4th. Elliott Siff
5th. Gordon Tang

1st. Maureen Grady
2nd. Sarah Mattson
3rd. Melissa Gee
4th. Jenn Grayson
5th. LouisAnnie

First Fixed: Ran Wodfin

First Out of Towner: Jonathan Kroger

Best Costume: Justin (Aqua man)

Ok, so now that I have said all of that, yesterday was my 100th post since starting this blog. That should have happened awhile back, but I was caught slacking. Since then I have been trying to keep up with it since I found out people actually read it. With that being said, I also have my first to followers!!!! That may mean squat to you, but to me, that is pretty fucking cool. Thanks for looking and openly admitting that you read this blog ;)

Also, keep an eye out for the APD. I just saw this on ATXBS.


Don't know if you remember me, been on a bunch of the cemetery cat rides. Name is Chris. Friends with Mason. Whatever. Anyway, got pulled over at 10 this morning for running a red at 7th and congress. Cop didn't write down a fine, and said he had no idea how much the fine would be. He said I'd have to call the courthouse, he didn't even know if it was considered a real moving violation. What he DID know is that starting right now the cops have been assigned to crack down on all bike related offenses. They are camped all over downtown, day and night, looking for any bike offense they can find due to a large number of complaints recently. This particular cop had no interest, was pretty nice, but definitely not into letting me off with a warning. Just thought I'd let you know so you can get more word out. He said they are definitely out to get cyclists right now.


So there you have it, the cops are out to get you. Yes, you. The one riding your bike. I say just don't give them a reason to stop you, and you'll be fine.

ok, enough rambling,

til next time



cccc said...

mmhmmm *clears throat*

I believe you forgot the (G) by my name, stating that I am indeed a girl. I do not want to be a boy.


one Les car said...

fixed,thanks for pointing that out

Maureen Grady said...

so friggin cute, you two!

A K Strong said...

Ah, I was looking forward to see what place I finished but am not on "the list." Maybe I dreamed it all.

Oh well.

one Les car said...


whats your name, did you talk to the guys outside and then come see me inside? I know towards the end of the race, some people didn't even tell me they were done.


Andrew K Strong said...

Andrew, and yes I talked to you and even got a shirt.

It's not a big deal, it's the experience that matters. A fun time was had by all.

one Les car said...


did you finish close to the top...maybe behind ahlee?

Maureen Grady said...

the Andrew that finished behind Ahlee is Andrew STEVENS.

one Les car said...

Maureen, yeah, I thought I did a good job of keeping track of everyone that finished....I had help out front, and then I confirmed all the stops (making sure everyone had the pics of the stops) I'm not sure who you are ak strong. I do apologize if you placed, and I did not put in the final list.

A K Strong said...

I raced under my legal name, Andrew Strong -- maybe try looking for that.

It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to finish -- I was by no means one of the first; I would guess I finished in the last third of those participating.

Anyways, no worries. It was a great time and I would attend again.

In fact, I still have the pictures on my phone from the race, ho ho ho ---

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