Monday, October 13, 2008

Route to Work/MS 150

So this is my new route to work. It has some hills, but they are not to bad. What sucks about them is that they are long gradual hills. I would rather just fight a hill and climb it, then just have one drag every last bit of juice out of me.

So Jenn and I are registering on Wednesday for the 2009 MS 150. So it kind of works for me that my new job is 30 miles round trip because I get to train for it just by riding to work. There will be days that I bike and bus, mainly on Mondays and Fridays, that way I can take a weeks worth of clothes and some lunch. What is nice is Apple has a gym for me to work out at, and of course it has showers. So that means I will get a fresh shower every morning when I ride so I am not stinking up the place. I rode up there the other day, left at 830 in the morning and got there at 945. Temperature was about 70 and the high for the day was 89. My shirt was completely soaked. I can only imagine when it is 105 out in the summer. That is gonna suck ass, but oh well. I will soon be in great shape again. Having been in the wreck made me gain twenty pounds and shrink an inch.....AWESOME!!!! So with that being said, I am looking forward to the rides to work. It will be like "getting two birds stoned at the same time"

til next time



cccc said...

you're silly and you're commute is insane!

Jason said...

Nice, welcome to the long commute club. :)

one Les car said...

I know right!!

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