Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pub Crawl, ESPPand realtionships OH MY!

The pub crawl was awesome!!!!!I had an Indian leg wrestling competition with someone in the cemetery....I didn't even know how to do it, but I soon learned. I lost. I thought that my legs were stronger...I guess I was to drunk , because apparently I kept trying to cheat :) all I was doing was rolling over and trying to pin the other guy....but that is not apart of the rules.

So things seem to keep heating up between Lee and the (future) occupants of the building. Just look at the comments.

And then there are the realationships part of the post....they are hard and very much confusing, all I can say is keep on trucking and roll with it.

Don't mind me..I'm drunk and wanting to talk to someone!

See you at the Tour de Fat

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