Friday, October 3, 2008

Eastside Pedal Pushers

So I just saw this post over on ATXBS.

Wanted to let you know that Lee, Scott and the rest of the ESPP community are about to be removed from their spot if the bike community doesn't take action. There are two girls who want to kick them out to build a cafe / art gallery there. I'm a little unclear as to how the bureaucratic details work out, but I know there's a hearing with the Neighborhood Association for that area on Monday, Oct. 13th that is open to the public and they're basically going to be deliberating over the fate of the space. So if enough people show up and give Lee support, the shop might have a case for community value (as opposed to yet another of the many already existing yuppy cafes on E. 5th/6th) and could reasonably work out a deal to stay put. I mean, he's got the only real legit bike shop on the east side (minus YBP of course) so I don't see how he could possibly be deemed unimportant if there's a big enough crowd.

If you know Lee, you'll know he's one of the most un-assuming and worthwhile guys around. In other words, I think it's going to take the rest of the community to be the loud-mouthed obnoxious supporters.

So if you could maybe get in touch with Lee and see what the details are more specifically, would you mind posting about it on ATXBS?

Thanks and good riding,

I just got off the phone with Scott, and the neighborhood association meeting will be on October 13th @ 5:00 pm. Scott said that the girls that are trying to buy it out are looking to have parking spaces and if they can't get them (provide them) they may not be able to buy the building.

I have been going to ESPP for about 2 and a half years now. The shop as of recently has been picking up more and more business. Lee and Scott are two of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I know. They let me come in and work on my bike, and offer and advice and answer questions when I don't know how to fix something.

If you live on the east side, and frequent ESPP then pleas come out on the 13th and show your support.

til next time,


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cccc said...

where is the meeting on the 13th? is it at the shop? or downtown?

this blows.

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