Tuesday, December 2, 2008

this is a long time coming

I started this blog last week sometime, possibly two weeks ago when I had Friday off, but alas, my computer was going too slow so I gave up.

Well, here it is... some pictures I want to share with everyone.

This first picture is a view of Austin from my work's balcony...

Me, stuck in traffic on 360 the first day I took Les to work. There was a wreck, so traffic was horrible. Usually, it's not this bad, but its so iffy. I'm jealous of all of the cyclists I see passing me while I'm stuck in traffic. boo. **Note: Don't let the length between my car and the car in front of me fool you into thinking cars were moving at a steady pace. I assure you, we were moving slower than molasses, and I never once pressed the gas pedal in this traffic, only my brake. Double boo..

This is from a foggy foggy day. I'm a horrible estimator of distance, but you can tell I was basically about to cross the bridge when I took this picture. SO so foggy!! I couldn't even see the lake beneath the bridge. It was great. I was again stuck in traffic but the fog seemed to keep me a bit more sane as I could not tell exactly how much traffic I was in.

This is my kitty, Little Jackie Blackie. His name started out as Jack (my mom named him this when he was tiny, but I'm not a fan of the name), so I added to his name. He then became "Little Jack Black Tail." Part of this comes from Seinfeld and the rooster named Little Jerry Seinfeld, and the other part comes from his coat color. He is obviously an orange tabby, but his back half looks dirty, like he was dipped in oil, although he was not and is clean.. hence, the "black tail" part.. Then, his name morphed into Jackie Blackie because he cries alot. If he gets in trouble, his eyes start watering and he cries. NO JOKE! It happens all the time.
Well, the picture isn't about his name, but rather his love for sitting on my cruiser's seat. Isn't he so cute .. little jackie blackie!!

And finally, my new new bicycle!!! I haven't gotten the chance to ride it to work yet, but soon enough my friends!!! Whatever the Friday after December 13th is, that will be its first day on a journey to work with me. I'm stoked!! I hope its not too terribly cold that day, so cross your fingers.
That's all for now, I've got to go to work again...

1 comment:

one Les car said...

Drive side pictures please.....

That is why I took them ;)

Also, you're going to have to wait until the 20th before you can ride....

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